21 Indications You Were A Full-Fledged Boy Scout

Prepared doesn’t even begin to describe you.

1. Growing up, you spent endless weekends trying to earn as many merit badges as you could.

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2. You camped out in your own back yard every chance you could get.

3. You had a watch tan all summer, every summer.

4. Even your clean clothes smelled like campfire.

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5. You constantly had an urge to tie things into square knots.

6. You had absolutely no idea how to cook things without a dutch oven.

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7. You recycled through the same twelve adjectives when asked to describe yourself.

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8. Putting a new merit badge on your sash became an addictive feeling.

9. And you developed a Type A personality when it came to the organization.

This literally makes my OCD go crazy. Ugh. #TheStruggle #BoyScoutProblems

— Tommy :) (@Peeping_T0m)

10. You gasp whenever you see an American flag touching the ground.

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11. Your Pinewood Derby trophy still has its own shrine in your room.

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12. You thought a pocket knife could solve any problem.

And still do.

13. You experienced post NYLT-depression.

14. There wasn’t one stick left un-whittled in your yard.

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15. You have incredibly awkward photos of yourself as a Cub Scout that you know will be used as blackmail at some point.

16. Your friends could never get ahold of you because you were usually in a remote area with no service.

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17. You took pride in selling popcorn in front of your local grocery store.

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18. You often found yourself preferring the comfort of a sleeping bag over your actual bed.

19. You were more concerned about getting your Eagle than getting into college.

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20. You succeeded in earning your Eagle despite the lack of people who actually showed up to your service project.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: fcpl

21. You were terrified of turning 18 because the best adventure of your life would come to an end…

Walt Disney Studios / Via disneydetour.tumblr.com

But luckily you learned skills that will help you throughout all of your new adventures ahead.

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