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A Mom Gives Her Honest Review of Justin Bieber’s New Emoji App

Let Debbie decide if it's worth $2.99!

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To see if the emoji app is right for you BEFORE you drop all those coins, I thought I'd download it and get an honest review of the emojis from the one and only celebrity expert in Texas — my 50-years-young mother!**

Ilkafranz_com / Getty Images

*I was required to lie about her age

*Not an actual picture of my mother


Debbie was not aware she was about to be reviewing Justin Bieber's emojis — I just randomly shot her a text with one of the customizable emojis the app has to offer:


I thought it would be best to find out when she'd actually send some of these emojis, so I started to ask her the situations when she'd text someone an emoji:


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