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Hilary Duff Performed On "Ellen" And Danced Like A Wind Turbine

Conserve that energy!

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Hilary Duff appeared on Ellen to promote the most infectious pop song of the year "Sparks"...

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...and little did we know she was about to give us the most iconic dance move of OUR GENERATION.

The performance started out with Hilary and a few friends from her Pure Barre class walking in like some sexercized-out zombies.

She bounced back-and-forth from left to right a few times...

...and gave her hip a few good rubbings.

This triple booty pop happened. It was cute.

THEN the chorus came and Hilary and her crew unknowingly gave the world a dance move we are not worthy of:

AKA the "Wind Turbine Turning At A Different Speed Than All The Other Wind Turbines Around It" move!!!

And then, WITHOUT WARNING, she brought back the unsynchronized wind turbine realness and did it AGAIN.

AND THEN AGAIN! ! !! ! ! !!


Wind turbine:

Even Ellen must've felt unworthy because she gave Turbilary quite the distant hug...

Here's the full performance if you want to practice the iconic choreo:

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