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    Two BBFs Solve Your Friendship Problems

    BuzzFeed BFFs lend you a helping hand.

    Friends can be the best...

    ...except when they're actually the worst.

    Because of how close you and your BFF are, when there's bad blood boiling, things can get real messy REAL quick.

    Maybe they're dating someone you don't get along with.

    Maybe they keep flaking on plans with you LAST MINUTE.

    Or maybe they took that LAST SLICE OF PIZZA that was clearly YOURS.

    But no matter what your friendship woes might be, there's always a friend-lution!

    And that's where we come in!!!

    Need any sort of friendship advice from expert BFFs? Tell us in the comments below about your friend struggles, and you might be featured in a BuzzFeed post!

    We'll also be dishing out MORE advice via a Periscope broadcast, so be sure to tune in Friday, June 5th at 4 p.m. ET/1 PT.