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15 Hard Facts About Boners That'll Get The Blood Flowing

Just dickin' around.

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1. There are three different classifications of erections that men can receive.

Reflexogenic (erections resulting from actual contact), psychogenic (erections resulting from a fantasy), and nocturnal (erections that occur during the night). So many ways to get a boner!

2. And there are three primary erection shapes you can encounter in the wild.

The "straight one" (a straight erection), the "Eiffel Tower" (an erection with a wider shaft at the base than the top), and the "baseball bat" (an erection where the base is narrower than at the tip). WHAT SHAPE CHOSE YOU?


6. The smell of doughnuts have been found to increase penile blood flow.

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Ever had a boner in the bakery section at your grocery store? WELL YOU'RE NOT ALONE! Experimenters at Chicago's Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation discovered the smell of doughnuts increases the blood flow to the penis by 13%.


10. You can fracture an erection during sex.

Although penile fracture usually occurs during vigorous intercourse, it's also related to aggressive masturbation and rolling over or falling on an erection. You can avoid fracturing a boner by not bending it too far at the base.