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17 Fifth Harmony Dance Moves That Perfectly Sum Up High School

"I can't go to school, Mom. Like if you could take my pulse right now, it would feel just like a sledgehammer.”

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1. When you return from summer break and slowly strut into first period wearing your sexy new back-to-school clothes. / Epic Records

2. When your teacher says you can pick your own groups so you immediately make eye contact with your entire squad. / Epic Records

3. When you walk by your crush during passing period on a GOOD hair day. / Epic Records

4. When ma says she's gonna chaperone the dance and you're like "BITCH WHATCHU SAY?" / Epic Records

5. When gym class arrives and you have to pretend like you're too sick to participate. Again. / Epic Records

6. When you praise the higher powers because your teacher DIDN'T assign homework over spring break. / Epic Records

7. When you're livin' off adrenaline 'cuz you ditched fifth period for a longer lunch. / Epic Records

8. When your teacher asks "who wants to go first?" so you avoid eye contact of any sorts. / Epic Records

9. When you're lighting up the town with your clique because ma extended your curfew an hour. / Epic Records

10. When you're running late to class and you're stuck behind some lost freshman. / Epic Records

11. When you're hot as fuck at the dance from bumpin' and grindin' but your jam is playin' so you keep movin'. / Epic Records

12. When your teacher asks for a homework assignment you didn't do so you suddenly fall ill in your seat. / Epic Records

13. When ma says she stuck up for you at parent-teacher conference. / Epic Records

14. When you ACE a test you didn't even study for. / Epic Records

15. When you're the only kid in class who knows the answer to a question so you wave that hand in the air with sass. / Epic Records

16. When you gotta go REAL BAD and the teacher is taking FOREVER to write you a bathroom pass so you just keep movin'. / Epic Records

17. And when the teacher turns off the lights 'cuz it's MOVIE DAY. / Epic Records

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