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Posted on Jul 24, 2017

For Everyone Who Thought Katy Perry Was Singing About Catching Fish In "Feels"

Fish, fish, bish.

Yes, Calvin Harris' "Feels" featuring Katy Perry is a certified summer bop:

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But there's one major qualm I have with the song — IT SOUNDS LIKE KATY'S SINGING ABOUT CATCHING FISH.

ok i cant be the only one who was thinking katy was singing about catching fish in that calvin song

And after a quick Twitter search, I've discovered I AM NOT ALONE:

Like, moms are singing about catching fish in their cars:

in the car wi mum n we're singin to the radio n she sings the words "dont be afraid to catch fish" honestly the highlight of my weekend😭😂

My mother thought that the Calvin Harris song "feels" was saying "don't be afraid to catch FISH!!!" .... do we correct her?


My dad thinking Katy Perry is singing about catching fish in that Calvin Harris song has made my day.

Jess is CERTAIN Katy's singing about fish:

Jess: "Have you ever heard the song 'fish' by Katy Perry? It's awful!" Me: "... Do you mean feels?" Jess: "No it's definitely fish." Smh😂

This girl's over here just trying to understand the metaphorical meaning:

Dont be afraid to catch fish ? Pls someone explain this song ?? I dont understand what the metephor is ? @katyperry #newsong

Gaia deadass thinks she just heard the worst lyric of her life:

Heard the worst lyric today 'Dont be afraid to catch fish, Baby I know ur afraid to catch fish, Dance with me'

Josie's actually concerned for Katy:

There's this song on the radio sometimes with Katy Perry singing you don't have to be afraid to catch fish? What is she on about?

Anna's lucky she had Vinny:

Anna: "Don't be Afraid to catch fish" Me and Vinny : "it's feels" 😂😂

Ben doesn't even know what the fuck is about to happen to his life:

Whats that song that says something like "dont be afraid to catch fish" ??

Lewis is suffering from EMBARRASSMENT:

Been singing “don’t be afraid to catch fish” to Calvin Harris’ new track with Katy Perry for weeks… turns out it’s…

And Michael is so confident in the lyric, he's tweeting it in caps:

But even though we're all very wrong, at least we know we're not alone during this devastating moment in all of our lives:

Devastated to discover that the lyrics to Calvin Harris ft Pharrell and Katy Perry's song are 'don't be afraid to catch FEELS', not 'fish' 😭

  1. So, did you think Katy was singing about catching fish in "Feels"?

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So, did you think Katy was singing about catching fish in "Feels"?
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    Yes, it doesn't sound like she's saying "feels" at all!
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    No, it sounds like she's saying "feels"!
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    Bitch, I still think SHE IS singing about catching fish!
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    Wait. Why did I think that was Gwen Stefani singing?

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