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    You Need To Watch Derek Hough Racing Shirtless Through The "Ninja Warrior" Course

    Why does he even own shirts?

    To help raise money for Red Nose Day charities, Derek Hough competed on NBC's Celebrity Ninja Warrior and BOY, was it a TREAT.

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    A fully-clothed Derek started off strong and made his way through two obstacles WITH A BREEZE.

    NBC /

    But Derek met his match when he made his way to the Fly Wheels and couldn't quite get a good enough grip on the third wheel to complete the obstacle.

    NBC /

    But since this Ninja Warrior run was for a good cause, Derek was given a second chance! And lucky for us, Dadrek took his shirt off to reveal a glistening, wet body for his second attempt.

    NBC /

    After shedding the unnecessary tank top, Derek STORMED his way through all SIX obstacles looking like one big snack, earning $30,000 for Red Nose charities.

    NBC /

    We all won, TBH.

    NBC /

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