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    Demi And Perez Hilton Are Having A Very Sloppy Fight On Twitter

    I love high school!

    Backstory (1/2): In June, Demetria Devonne Lovato (sloppily) commented on a shady Ariana vs. Mariah meme igniting an attack led by Mariah's fan base, the Lambily.

    Backstory (2/2): She then defended her comments, saying Mariah is "rude," "nasty," and thought everything would get cleared up by jumping in another celeb feud — J.Lo vs. Mariah:

    “Jen keeps it classy but I’m not afraid to say s***. The woman is mean for no reason. Extremely talented? Yes. Superhuman? Possibly. Unnecessarily rude? Absolutely.”

    Fast forward one month later to yesterday, July 25. Demi decided to randomly slide into Perez Hilton's DMs asking him to "let it go," like Queen Elsa herself:

    Well, turns out Perez was liking tweets about the Demi vs. Mariah feud and DMi Lovato wasn't having any of it:

    And because Perez Hilton is Perez Hilton, he made it clear to Demi that he wasn't going to stop doing Perez Hilton-y things...

    ...And then he did the ultimate Perez Hilton-y thing — HE PUBLISHED THE DMs ON TWITTER (and Instagram)! DRAMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAA:

    Here are the receipts. xoxo

    *if you need a brief drama intermission, please take it now*

    Perez then shot off a series of catty tweets aimed toward Demi:

    Then vowed to no longer be "fake" with Demi:

    And topped it all off by exposing her OWN shady likes by tweeting:

    ...which linked to a week-old Instagram of Demi's own shady Twitter likes (this liked tweet refers to ANOTHER celeb feud, Kim vs. Taylor):

    Demi, not quite learning the lesson that everything she does on social media is seen, tweeted (then deleted) "do something with your life" at Perez. (Enjoy an old picture of Demi playing the keyboard below because her tweet was deleted.)

    And now we're here! Don't you just love high school​?