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    How Well Do "DASH Dolls" Malika And Khadijah Haqq Actually Know Each Other?

    Totally twinning.

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    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Between growing up together, appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and starring in their very own reality show DASH Dolls, you'd think twin sisters Malika and Khadijah Haqq would've had plenty of time to get to know each other, right?

    Well, we asked these famous sisters a series of questions to see how well they actually know each other with a fun game we like to call "The Twin Test." Will they be "twinning," or not?

    1. What is Malika's pet peeve?

    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Khadijah: Being late.

    Malika: Late.

    2. What is Malika's guilty pleasure?

    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Khadijah: Shopping.

    Malika: Shopping.

    Malika: You put stars?

    Khadijah: Bitch, you like to shop!

    3. What is Khadijah's favorite food?

    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Khadijah: Mexican or sushi.

    Malika: Salad.

    Khadijah: It is a Mexican salad, so she's not THAT far off...

    4. Who has a better sense of style?

    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Khadijah: Malika.

    Malika: Me.

    Khadijah: I like comfy stuff and sportswear...

    5. What is Malika's favorite curse word?

    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Khadijah: FUCK.

    Malika: FUCK.

    Malika: My mother should be so proud.

    6. Who is Khadijah's favorite Kardashian OR Jenner?

    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Khadijah: Khloe.

    Malika: KK.

    (We see what you did there, Malika.)

    7. What is Khadijah's most embarrassing moment?

    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Khadijah: Hair caught on fire inside club.

    Malika: Being late.

    Khadijah: I went to a lounge with my boyfriend at the time and a bunch of football players — I was the only girl. We were walking into this table setting and I go to sit at the top of the booth so you could see me around all the football players. Little did I know, there were tea candles lining the entire booth. So I go to sit on the booth and the football players were all like, "YO, D! YOUR HAIR'S ON FIRE!"

    8. How many years have Malika and Khloe Kardashian been best friends?

    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Khadijah: 17 plus.

    Malika: Same as Khadijah, 17.

    9. Who was Malika's first kiss?

    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Khadijah: Kevin Wright.

    Malika: Kevin.

    Malika: She made me kiss him! We were playing Truth or Dare.

    10. What is Khadijah's go-to Starbucks order?

    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Khadijah: Vanilla Latte — skinny.

    Malika: Caramel Macchiato.

    Khadijah: That's YOUR favorite.

    11. Who is your parents' favorite?

    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Khadijah: Jamal — brother.

    Malika: Dijah.

    Khadijah: When we were growing up, she was always the favorite.

    12. Who can throw a better punch?

    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Khadijah: Malika.

    Malika: Me.

    Malika: I'm gift of gab — I'm not very violent.

    8 out of 10 correct — TOTALLY TWINNING!

    Jenna Williams / BuzzFeed

    Make sure to watch the premiere of DASH Dolls Sunday, September 20th at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!

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