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Kelly Clarkson Isn't Here For Avril's Apology For The One Time She Elbowed Her In The Face At The VMAs

Just rude!

Remember when Avril Lavgine elbowed Kelly Clarkson at the 2002 MTV VMAs? ME EITHER (I was like 10 years old and didn't have cable), so here's a GIF of it because it's actually a little fucked up and rude:


Like, I'm actually FLOORED at how rude the whole thing is, so here it is again:


So now you're probably wondering why the Queen of Angst was so rude Kellenged, who is probably the sweetest person ever, right?


Well, Kelly Clarkson chatted with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM morning show on Wednesday and brought up the ~elbow incident~ as an example of how some of her fellow pop stars treated her back in the day because they viewed her American Idol win as a cheap way to get into the music biz:

I got elbowed in the face by someone I was giving an award to at the VMAs...

Even though Kelly didn't mention Avril's name initially, Howard circled back later in the interview after doing some digging and asked if the elbow was attached to Ms. Lavigne. Kelly confirmed that it was Avril, but told Stern she received an apology for the incident:

It was her, but I will say this: Years later I saw her and she said, "Oh my gosh, people keep saying I elbowed you in the face and I’m so sorry!" And I don't know, she did it! But I don't know if she felt bad about it, or she didn't mean to do it, or what...but it felt purposeful!

Honestly, fuck that apology! Kelly didn't deserve that! And this is coming from someone who has stanned Avril since DAY ONE.


Oh, and here's a fact to make things more complicated: Avril wrote Kelly's iconic power ballad, "Breakaway."

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You can listen to Kelly's remarks about Avril's elbow below: