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Imagine Not Stanning Aly & AJ's Pop Comeback

We honestly don't deserve it.

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Back in August, Aly & AJ released their comeback single "Take Me" after a TEN-YEAR hiatus and truly gave the gays what they wanted:

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The song was perfect! The sucky visual was perfect! My happiness while listening to the song was equivalent to Meghan Trainor holding a pie and kissing a baked roll in the GIF:

Fast-forward to NOW, and the world we live in has truly gone to shit:


But LUCKILY, Aly & AJ just released their gorgeous new EP Ten Years, featuring THREE new tracks, and the music has already reversed the wrinkles I've developed under Blake Shelton's America:

It's actually so damn good that I'm gonna go OFF it's played DUST.

So here's what we're gonna do: we're gonna stan.


We're gonna stan it at our brunches:

We're gonna stan it while thinking of Armie Hammer's thighs and Henry Cavill's mustache:

And we're gonna stan it at Thanksgiving dinner when mom asks what we're thankful for this year:

Why? Because these queens DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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