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Alexander Skarsgård Couldn't Stop Gushing About Ryan Kwanten's "Tender" Kisses

Please don't stop talking about this.

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By now you've probably watched, 🍆 💦, and GIF'd every second of the steamy sex scene between Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Kwanten in the Season 6 finale of True Blood. If not, HELLO WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW:

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Well, turns out Ryan's kissing had a big impact on Alexander. So much in fact, Alexander picked Ryan as one of the best on-screen kissers he's ever had!

Alexander Skarsgård gushing about Ryan Kwanten's "tender" kissing talents is lovely.

The big reveal happened while Alexander was promoting his latest movie The Legend of Tarzan on Australia's The Project after he was asked who's the best kisser: Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman or Ryan Kwanten. His immediate choice was Ryan:


BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Alexander willingly threw in some adjectives and called Ryan a "gentle" and "tender" kisser:


Hmmm. We might need to get a second opinion on this — SIGN ME UP! 🙋


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