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    • Christen850

      Back when I was on OkCupid, one guy flooded me with crazy in a span of just a few hours. It started one morning when I quickly checked my messages first thing and saw a brief “Hey, you’re cute” message from a good-looking guy. However, I was late to meet my sister for Christmas shopping, so I made a mental note to write him back when I got home. Only five hours later, I came home and logged back on to see that he’d sent 8 INCREASINGLY TENSE MESSAGES!  They started out like, “Hey, did you get my message? We should chat!” then progressed to… “Hey! I can see what time you last logged on, so I know you read my message… why so shy?”  The next couple messages sounded like, “I don’t know if you’re playing hard to get or what, but it’s really not cute. You’re not even that attractive; I only messaged you because we have some similar interests. Then, “This is your last chance, darlin’! Getting bored with you!”  Finally, “You blew your chance, you arrogant bitch. You have no idea what you missed out on. After reading his series of increasingly aggressive messages, I wrote a short reply explaining that I’d checked my messages that morning then went Christmas shopping, and had fully intended to write him back, but seeing his uncontrolled hissy-fit after just the few hours I was out, I was no longer interested. I then advised him to exhibit more patience, or else risking scaring off other women, and I wished him good luck. He wrote back IMMEDIATELY, asking for a second chance and apologizing profusely for getting angry at me because I didn’t immediately respond to him… and then oddly, he gave me his full name and asked me to add him on Facebook so he could prove he’s “really a good guy”. Blocked.

    • Christen850

      Mcwarren: Believe me or not, that’s fine. It IS pretty unbelievable; I agree. I do think that his “training” was not so much about thinking that I cannot put dates on a calendar, but more about forcing me to do it in front of him to ensure it got done. Still pretty patronizing, though, because I’m an adult and have never indicated that I can’t be trusted to do my job. But yes, the lengthy meeting spent calling me “princess” and flipping pages in a binder DID happen. Stupid shit like this happens to women every day. We are just as incredulous as you are.   By the way, I didn’t even include the worst part: A few days later, he asked me to come to his place to “discuss the future of my career” over a glass of wine. Yeah, that happened. I didn’t include it in the original post because 1) the post was about man-splaining, not sexual harassment from an employer, so I didn’t want to digress and 2) I figured the part I disclosed thus far was already shocking enough. r/fuckyou

    • Christen850

      Usually paparazzi are surrounded by… other paparazzi. And they’d all likely be drooling and readying their cameras with the hopes of getting (and selling) a juice video of a celebrity getting angry.
      If you don’t believe that paparazzi say horrifying things to celebrities in order to capture their reaction, you’re pretty naive. I remember seeing one video of a paparazzo yelling insults at Rebecca Romijn and shouting “This is why John Stamos divorced you!!” simply because she didn’t want to answer their questions. She was waiting to enter a door to some event, and was kind of trapped, so she just turned her face and tried to stay composed… but you could tell she wanted to cry. The paparazzo kept going, yelling to the other photographers that they should all go to her house together and fuck with her because she’s such a “bitch” etc. etc. just to make her miserable. Meanwhile, Rebecca just tried to ignore it and keep her composure. It was one of the most cruel things I’ve ever seen. And these leeches do it to actors, singers, performers, etc. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    • Christen850

      My boss called me into his office and handed me a binder. It was divided into sections by month, and the calendar for each month was in the front of each section. He trained me for 45 minutes on how to flip the pages, find the calendars, and WRITE DATES on them. I calmly and repeatedly told him, “Yes, I can find December; it’s after November. I’ve written all the training dates in all the pertinent calendars. May I return to my work now?”

      Finally, he left me leave, but not before commenting “You know, princess, you should really go for a Master’s degree. It’ll further your career.  I replied, “I already have a Master’s, sir. Remember? I’ve provided you with digital and physical copies of my degree.” I wanted to puke when he called me “princess”. Cringe.

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