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41 Reasons The North East Is The Best Place In England

No arguments.

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5. How about explorer Captain James Cook, Middlesbrough's most famous son, who charted Australia and New Zealand for the first time.

7. Oh and we're still proud to make things. Drive a Nissan Qashqai? Yep, that's one of ours.

Nissan is one of the biggest regional success stories. The U.K.'s largest car factory rolled half a million of these cars off its production lines last year.


16. We love our football more than anyone else in the world – win or lose.

There's nothing quite like St. James' Park, the Stadium of Light, or the Riverside rocking on a Saturday afternoon.

And that passion is present all the way down: from Hartlepool, Darlington and Gateshead through to the teams in the Northern League.


20. But wherever they're from, people in the north east know how to pay tribute to our heroes.

Owen Humphreys/PA Archive/Press Association Images

One fan took his dedication to the next level, getting Robson's face tattooed on his thigh.


23. For the bookworms, there's Barter Books in Alnwick.

The bookshop in a disused railway station also rediscovered the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster, but it's much more - a great repository for books.

24. And though our regional press has been through tough times, it's fiercely loyal and hardworking.

The Newcastle Journal, the Chronicle the Sunderland Echo, the Middlesbrough Gazette - all backed up by numerous radio stations and local BBC and ITV coverage.

(Which is brilliant because people from outside the area get trapped on the causeway between the island and the mainland.)

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34. We're pretty amazing at music, too. From the Animals...

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35. ...To Sting...

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36. ...To Maximo Park.

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37. Or prefer banging pop songs? We're the home of Cheryl Cole.

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38. For years we were the hub of music, art and culture on a nightly basis. The Tube came from Tyne Tees' City Road studios every week.

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If you were a child of the 80s, you needed to watch this. Jools Holland, Paula Yates and Leslie Ash barely keeping control of a manic riot of live TV.

39. But we can also be pretty dumb. Students from the north east started what the Daily Mail called "the most pointless craze yet": milking.

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40. We're endlessly inventive with words -- so much so that we have our own unique dialect.

People think of the Geordie accent as welcoming, research says -- and certainly you're unlikely to be called hinny, pet or petal outside of the north east.


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