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    21 Of Your Favourite Movies If They Were Actually Set In Straya

    "Hasta la vista, cunts."

    1. The famous shopping scene in Pretty Woman would take place at the local Westfield, not Rodeo Drive.

    Buena Vista Pictures / / /

    2. Instead of an owl, Harry Potter would have a pet ibis named Mister Stinky.

    Warner Bros / Edoddridge / Via

    3. That guy from American Pie would have sex with a meat pie from the local servo.

    Universal Pictures

    4. In Lord Of The Rings, Gandalf would be fond of punching cones, not smoking a pipe ...

    New Line Cinema / Powerhouse Museum / Via

    5. Frodo would be pursued by nine thoroughly pissed off magpies, not flying Nazgûl ...

    New Line Cinema / / / Fir0002/Flagstaffotos /

    6. And Sam would defeat that huge spider with an empty ice-cream container, just like your Dad does.

    New Line Cinema /

    7. A crazy racist lady would be one of the passengers on the bus in Speed.

    20th Century Fox / Thinkstock

    She'd keep telling Keanu to go back to where he came from because his grandmother was Chinese.

    8. Hunger Games would be fought with traditional Aussie martial arts like glassing and coward punches.

    Lionsgate / Thinkstock

    9. And Fight Club would be a hectic brawl in the car park of Bankstown Maccas.

    Sardaka / Via

    10. In Casablanca, the asylum seekers would be the bad guys.

    Warner Bros

    11. The haunted video tape in The Ring would be an old episode of Mulligrubs.

    Toho / Network Ten

    Every 90s kid's worst nightmare.

    12. The victims in Saw would have to walk over bindi-eyes and touch red-hot car seatbelts.

    Lionsgate Films

    13. The Terminator would wear fully sick Tony Abbott sunnies, and all his catchphrases would end in "cunt".

    Orion Pictures

    14. In fact all your favorite movie lines would sound a little bit different.

    Loew's Inc

    15. A little bit more Strayan.

    20th Century Fox

    16. Hannibal Lecter would be a connoisseur of our nation's finest delicacies.

    Orion Pictures

    17. Holly Golightly would head down to Angus & Coote for a cheesymite scroll and a flat white.

    Paramount Pictures / /

    18. All the toys in Toy Story would be Cadbury Yowies.

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

    19. Napoleon Dynamite would be played by Toady from Neighbours.

    Paramount Pictures / Network Ten

    20. The Joker in Dark Knight would have a traditional Australian sense of humour.

    Warner Bros

    21. And the Matrix would pause every few minutes to buffer.

    Roadshow Entertainment /

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