We Asked A Wine Expert To Review Cheap Beer And This Is What She Said

Oaky and crisp, with notes of beer pong.

1. What did sommelier Whitney Adams taste when we asked her to try some of America’s favorite cheap beers?

2. Not a whole lot, in the case of PBR.


3. But maybe nothing is actually better than what she picked up when she tried Rainier.


4. Rhode Island’s Narragansett Lager was pretty underwhelming…


5. Natty Light didn’t really resemble beer at all…


6. And Shiner Bock smelled like…a recycling bin in the rain?


7. But Whitney was pretty darn pleased with Schlitz.


8. And in the end, malt liquor Steel Reserve — which tasted like “peaches and cedar” — was her favorite! Hey, there’s no accounting for taste.


9. What does YOUR favorite cheap beer taste like?

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