Great Movies And Their Imitators

Who needs alternate universes when competing production companies always release the same movies within months of each other? It’s Friends Without Benefits Attached all over again.

1. Turner & Hooch | K-9 (1989)

The classic “buddy cop” cliche gets turned on it’s head… or tail!

2. Babe | Gordy (1995)

Look at the cute talking piglet!

3. Twister | Night Of The Twisters (1996)

Tornadoes make life on the farm less than ideal.

4. Armageddon | Deep Impact (1998)

In order to save the Earth from a devastating collision with an asteroid (or comet, choose your poison) a team lands on the orbiting hunk of rock and detonates explosives to throw it off course.

5. Antz | A Bug’s Life (1998)

6. Dante’s Peak | Volcano (1998)

Volcanos cause lots of frantic exchanges of dialog followed by action sequences.

7. The Truman Show (1998) | EDtv (1999)

A man’s life is filmed 24/7. This used to be out of the ordinary.

8. Red Planet | Mission To Mars (2000)

9. Shark Tale | Finding Nemo (2003)

10. Infamous | Capote (2005)

A biopic about Truman Capote.

11. Æon Flux Flux (2005) | Ultraviolet (2006)

A sexy, acrobatic, female protagonist must save the world from a deadly virus in a dystopian future.

12. Madagascar (2005) | The Wild (2006)

A lion, giraffe, and some other exotic animals escape from the zoo and have an adventure in New York City.

13. The Day The Earth Stood Still | The Day The Earth Stopped (2008)

Alien invaders and their giant robot threaten to destroy the Earth. One was a remake of a classic piece of 1940s science fiction, the other was a shameless knock-off that went straight to DVD.

14. Despicable Me | Megamind (2010)

An animated kid’s move about a villain who’s actually not such a bad guy after all.

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