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    This Drag Queen Cat Is Sure To Brighten Up Your Day

    Serving you flazèpaw on a platter.

    RuPaw's Drag Race is an Instagram account that reimagines your favorite kitty girls of RuPaul's Drag Race as...well...kitties, girl.

    The account's creator, Lynzie, spilled the T with BuzzFeed about the process of getting a cat into drag.

    "Some human drag queens can get away with wearing a simple sequined gown, but that doesn’t translate on a drag queen cat," Lynzie said. "It takes hours, days even to create one tiny look, but we laugh and do it with love."

    Lynzie and the account's co-creator John make every outfit and wig from scratch. Every outfit you see on the account is 100% real. "Much like the real queens in the workroom, there is a lot of cutting, sewing, padding and hot gluing."

    "Cats do not have elbows, shoulders, or can only imagine trying to make a pantsuit with legs for a cat. So, we have fittings and then we do the shoot."

    Laila [the feline star of the account] watches every episode with Lynzie and John. "Laila gets a lot of say as to how her looks will be executed," Lynzie said.

    Even though Laila is a ~copycat~, Lynzie assures that Laila always tries to add an original twist to each look. Laila's favorite queen to emulate, of course, is RuPaul.

    Another queen Laila has been inspired by Violet Chacki. "We started RuPaw’s Drag Race right when Season 7 started, so our first inspirations came from that. Violet Chachki was a fashion power house," Lynzie said.

    "Besides the occasional shade she throws, Laila is happy to get dressed up and perform. However, treats are integral to a good photoshoot."

    For any cat looking to get into drag, Lynzie, John, and Laila have one piece of advice. "YOU BETTA WORK!"

    Check out RuPaw's Drag Race on Instagram if you want to see more.