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Thursday Morning Rant: 9/11 A Day For Honoring, Not Politics

Let people mourn and honor those who we lost on 9/11. Save your political rants for any other day.

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(Originally Written on 9/11/14 added to Buzzfeed 9/18/14))

First thing I saw this morning was someone post something that contained #NeverForget. What followed was someone commenting with a partisan political rant. That has set me off. So here's my rant.

Whatever you believe led to 9/11, what was known before, how it could have been prevented, how we reacted and how we are fighting terrorism at home or abroad today, September 11th shouldn't be a day to force your agenda down people's throats. I know our enemies don't take the day off, but your tirade on Facebook isn't going to change our strategy against ISIS, Al Qaeda or any other group before tomorrow.

"I did it! I've created world peace!"

"I did it! I've created world peace!"

Go ahead and hate George Bush or Barack Obama all you want because, just like how you can be against war but still support our troops, you don't need to love your leaders, past or present, to support your country. Just let people remember and honor those who needlessly lost their lives in NYC and DC. Maybe join them in saying a thanks to those brave everyday folks who lost their lives in PA by preventing an even larger tragedy. Think of the people who became ill much later because of the debris. Hug someone who lost a loved one. Thank the police, firemen and other first responders. Applaud the hospital workers. Thank a soldier. Tell the family of a soldier who lost their life how much you appreciate what their loved one did for you. Or just save your venom for tomorrow.

Or don't.

Be a selfish prick and choose to take their sacrifices for granted, because you don't need to take my advice or anyone else's which is why you should be grateful you live in a country where you have the freedom to not share anyone's opinion by your own.



Thank you to those who've sacrificed so I can live a life where get to go on stage and try to make people laugh. A life where I can bitch about my day job. A life where I can just sit at my computer and rant.

If you lost a loved one because of the tragedies of September 11, 2001, I know my words carry very little weight, but I am very truly sorry for your loss.


Chris Luther is a NYC based comedian and non-profit fundraiser. Read some of his previous good news articles like 7 Great Things That Happened Last Week (5/14/13) or some of his funny things like 7 Oblivious People Slowly Driving Us All Insane. Maybe read his rant about why you should just like what you like. or follow him on Twitter @chriscantlose.

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