Meet Chompers The Bachelor Corgi

He’s a ladies’ man. He’s also one of the boys. He’s got the looks, the smarts, the manners and a great sense of humor. Most important of all, he’s single and looking for love. Can you handle his cuteness?

1. From the very beginning, he was a chick magnet.

2. His calm smile inspired an artist to paint a custom portrait of him.

3. He taught himself the basics of raising himself so he could be a more effective communicator.

4. I guess you could say he’s an All-American guy!

5. When asked what his ideal date would be, he said “First, I’d pick her up in my light blue convertible.”

6. “Then we’d head over to the ranch for some sheep-herding to get our motors running.”

7. “Followed by a few hours at the beach to cool down and catch some sun.”

8. “At this point, she’d probably be pretty hungry, so I’d take her out for a nice lobster dinner for two.”

9. “Then I’d suggest we head back to my place, so she could check out my bachelor pad.”

10. “And maybe we’d play a board game or two!”

11. “If we got hungry again during the game, I’d order in some pizza to share.”

12. “And at the end of the night, I’d drive her home, and if it was raining, I’d walk her to her front door with my umbrella.”

13. “If all went well on the date, the next morning, I’d give her a call to see if she wanted to grab some breakfast.”

14. “If so, I know a great pancake place in the neighborhood I would take her to! That would just about sum up my ideal first date!”

15. Awww, thanks for sharing with us Chompers! Would anyone be willing to help this little bachelor find love?

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