Chompers The Corgi’s Thoughts On Looking And Feeling Your Best

He’s here to share his tips on fitness, food, and feeling good.

1. I know how it feels, being stuck late at work yet again.

2. The last thing you want to do afterwards is go to the gym.

3. Mustering the motivation to work out feels daunting at times, doesn’t it?

4. To combat this, try having a workout buddy to keep you accountable.

5. Or even a whole team of workout buddies!

6. You can get your daily exercise in various forms. Such as shooting baskets.

7. Or bending it like Beckham.

8. Or even hitting balls at the range, just to name a few!

9. Prefer a more individual exercise session? That’s okay too! You can try yoga.

10. Or work with a balancing ball.

11. Or even just plain ol’ powerwalking around the neighborhood. (sweatbands optional)

12. No matter what form of exercise you end up engaging in, always remember to stretch properly first to avoid injury!

13. Other than exercise, what you eat is also important. I try to cut down on fatty snacks such as ice cream, my weakness.

14. And instead, have more healthy snacks, like carrots.

15. And peas! Go veggies.

16. Drinking is also important. Drinking water that is. Have to stay hydrated!

17. Along with exercise and eating right, a good night’s sleep is also essential to good health. Catch those ZZZ’s.

18. By following these basic guidelines, you should feel much more refreshed and re-charged, day-in and day-out.

19. Allowing you to better reach your goals and succeed!

20. After all, at the “end” of the day, isn’t that what you want - to look your best?

21. And “bee” the best that you can be?

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