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27 Traditions To Start With Your Family This Christmas

Start some special new traditions with your kids.

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12. Take a festive photo of your child every year.

Goblin Child / Via

The twins from the Goblin Child blog are but teeny newborns this year, but their development will be documented through a fabulous collection of festive photos as they grow.

13. Make a Christmas Eve box.

Potty Mouthed Mummy / Via

Potty Mouthed Mummy suggests giving the children a box of festive treats on Christmas eve. Cosy pyjamas, hot chocolate, and a film to hunker down with as it grows dark on the night before Christmas.

14. Or have a second-hand Christmas.

Along Came Cherry / Via

Lacking in present inspiration and fed up of throwing money at the problem? Jess from Along Came Cherry said no to excessive spending for the sake of it, and sourced thoughtful second-hand presents instead.


16. Make choosing the Christmas tree a family event.

Sorry About The Mess / Via

For Sorry About The Mess, selecting a tree is one of the very first signs that Christmas has begun. Get the kids involved and make it a special event to look forward to year on year.

17. Let the children choose one new special ornament for the tree each year.

Mummy Daddy Me / Via

They may invariably be drawn like magpies to the tackiest ornaments, but Mummy Daddy Me knows that her children are building up a whole host of memories and sentimental value that will be carried through to adulthood.


20. Or how about a friendlier Elf on the Shelf alternative?

The Imagination Tree / Via

It started as an idea from The Imagination Tree blog and has now developed into a huge community sharing photos and inspiration. The Kindness Elves encourage good-will and thoughtfulness every day throughout December.

22. Choose one present to open on Christmas Eve.

Getty Images/iStockphoto wdhackett

Have your children been staring at gifts under the tree for days? Christmas anticipation at a record high? Let them open one small present on Christmas Eve - A board game or an activity to keep them busy until bedtime could prove particularly handy.