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    27 Traditions To Start With Your Family This Christmas

    Start some special new traditions with your kids.

    1. Start a christmas actvity Advent Calendar.

    2. Or what about a book advent?

    3. Or how about a toy advent calendar?

    4. Take a trip to see your local Christmas Lights.

    5. Celebrate your baby's first Christmas with a special ornament.

    6. Invest in christmas-themed bedding.

    7. Or, a personalised video message from Santa.

    8. Make holiday-themed Christmas cards.

    9. Or keep it traditional with homemade Christmas cards.

    10. Build up a cracking collection of Christmas jumpers for the whole family.

    11. And take part in Christmas Jumper Day.

    12. Take a festive photo of your child every year.

    13. Make a Christmas Eve box.

    14. Or have a second-hand Christmas.

    15. Go to a carol service.

    16. Make choosing the Christmas tree a family event.

    17. Let the children choose one new special ornament for the tree each year.

    18. And involve them in the decorating of the tree.

    19. Consider the Elf on the Shelf.

    20. Or how about a friendlier Elf on the Shelf alternative?

    21. Either way, every elf needs a special door to make their grand entrance.

    22. Choose one present to open on Christmas Eve.

    23. Track Santa on Christmas Eve.

    24. Ring bells and pretend it's Santa flying over.

    25. And Santa might even visit.

    26. Use a special Christmas plate for Santa's mince pie.

    27. And don't forget the reindeer need a treat too!