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    27 Traditions To Start With Your Family This Christmas

    Start some special new traditions with your kids.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Start a christmas actvity Advent Calendar.

    Dear Beautiful / Via

    Take a tip from the Dear Beautiful family and do one fun Christmassy activity every day throughout December.

    2. Or what about a book advent?

    Oh So Amelia / Via

    The Oh So Amelia family have a book per day to open throughout December.

    3. Or how about a toy advent calendar?


    Counting down to Christmas with a toy advent calendar has become increasingly popular. Chances are your favourite toy brand has a Christmas playset.

    4. Take a trip to see your local Christmas Lights.


    A trip out after dark will be a lasting memory for your little ones and is bound to have everyone feeling festive.

    5. Celebrate your baby's first Christmas with a special ornament.

    Sorry About The Mess / Via

    Sorry About The Mess have footprint baubles for each child to mark their ages on that special first Christmas.

    6. Invest in christmas-themed bedding.

    This Is Wiss / Via

    Angela from This Is Wiss says her childrens' Christmas-themed pillowcases help carry the excitement of Christmas Eve festivities all the way through to bedtime .

    7. Or, a personalised video message from Santa.


    Make them smile with a magical video from Santa from Portable North Pole.

    8. Make holiday-themed Christmas cards.

    Tigerlilly Quinn / Via

    Tigerlilly Quinn shows us 'The funnier the better' rule definitely applies as she attempts to get a cute Christmas card shot.

    9. Or keep it traditional with homemade Christmas cards.

    Mum in the Madhouse / Via

    These washi tape Christmas tree cards from Mum in The Madhouse are no-mess and produce stunning results.

    10. Build up a cracking collection of Christmas jumpers for the whole family.

    Sorry About The Mess / Via

    The tackier the better!

    11. And take part in Christmas Jumper Day.

    Sorry About The Mess / Via

    Wear your most festive knit on the 12th of December and raise money for Save the Children

    12. Take a festive photo of your child every year.

    Goblin Child / Via

    The twins from the Goblin Child blog are but teeny newborns this year, but their development will be documented through a fabulous collection of festive photos as they grow.

    13. Make a Christmas Eve box.

    Potty Mouthed Mummy / Via

    Potty Mouthed Mummy suggests giving the children a box of festive treats on Christmas eve. Cosy pyjamas, hot chocolate, and a film to hunker down with as it grows dark on the night before Christmas.

    14. Or have a second-hand Christmas.

    Along Came Cherry / Via

    Lacking in present inspiration and fed up of throwing money at the problem? Jess from Along Came Cherry said no to excessive spending for the sake of it, and sourced thoughtful second-hand presents instead.

    15. Go to a carol service.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto swkunst

    Introduce your children to the festive magic of carols by candlelight.

    16. Make choosing the Christmas tree a family event.

    Sorry About The Mess / Via

    For Sorry About The Mess, selecting a tree is one of the very first signs that Christmas has begun. Get the kids involved and make it a special event to look forward to year on year.

    17. Let the children choose one new special ornament for the tree each year.

    Mummy Daddy Me / Via

    They may invariably be drawn like magpies to the tackiest ornaments, but Mummy Daddy Me knows that her children are building up a whole host of memories and sentimental value that will be carried through to adulthood.

    18. And involve them in the decorating of the tree.

    Sorry About The Mess / Via

    Watch their delight as they let their creativity fly. (And then rearrange it all later when they aren't looking).

    19. Consider the Elf on the Shelf.


    He comes to visit every day in December, where will you find Santa's cheeky helper hiding today?

    20. Or how about a friendlier Elf on the Shelf alternative?

    The Imagination Tree / Via

    It started as an idea from The Imagination Tree blog and has now developed into a huge community sharing photos and inspiration. The Kindness Elves encourage good-will and thoughtfulness every day throughout December.

    21. Either way, every elf needs a special door to make their grand entrance.

    Oh So Amelia / Via

    This super cute elf door featured on Oh So Amelia is sure to cause wide-eyed wonder on discovery.

    22. Choose one present to open on Christmas Eve.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto wdhackett

    Have your children been staring at gifts under the tree for days? Christmas anticipation at a record high? Let them open one small present on Christmas Eve - A board game or an activity to keep them busy until bedtime could prove particularly handy.

    23. Track Santa on Christmas Eve.


    Check in to Norad Santa the night before Christmas to watch Santa's progress around the world.

    24. Ring bells and pretend it's Santa flying over.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto Jack Puccio / Via Twitter: @headinbook

    @headinbook uses this fail-safe tactic on Christmas Eve to ensure her children are totally convinced by Santa's imminent arrival.

    25. And Santa might even visit.


    No task is too big for Santa, even on Christmas Eve. The Snaffles family get a visit from the man himself - he reads stories to the children before setting off ahead of his big night of deliveries ahead.

    26. Use a special Christmas plate for Santa's mince pie.

    Oh So Amelia / Via

    Santa will be sure to know who supplied all his lovely treats in the Oh So Amelia household this Christmas eve.

    27. And don't forget the reindeer need a treat too!

    Capture By Lucy / Via

    Check out Capture By Lucy's no-fuss recipe for Magic Reindeer Mix.