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    10 Awesome Poetry Books That Came Out In The Past Year

    People need to read more poetry. Here's 10 books that came out in the past year that blew my mind. No matter what kind of literature you're into, you're sure to find something that touches you from these amazing writers.

    Between Lines & Hashtags: Volume 1 By Joi Sanchez

    Poem by Joi Sanchez / Via

    Joi brings us relationships, the sun, the moon and everything that makes up her testament to life.

    A Fistful of Moss and Poppy Seeds by Yi Wu

    Poem by Yi Wu / Via

    Yi takes us on a journey through several narratives simply & beautfiully written. Published by Pomegranate Gallery

    Too Many Humans of New York by Abigail Welhouse / Via Poem by Abigail Welhouse

    Abigail is actually the funniest poet ever, and she brings us dark humor again in her latest chapbook. Published by Bottlecap Press

    Depression Cupcakes by Thomas Fucaloro

    Poem by Thomas Fucaloro / Via

    Thomas flips back and forth between dying as a poet in NYC and vignettes of drug use that are all too real. Published by YES Poetry.

    Salt is for Curing by Sonya Vatomsky

    Poem by Sonya Vatomsky / Via

    Sonya writes a creepy, all knowing and self aware series of poems. Published by Sator Press.

    The Pink Box by Yesenia Montilla

    Poem by Yesenia Montilla / Via

    Yesenia brings us back in time to her childhood, discusses identity, family and growth all in one collection. Published by Willow Books Emerging Poets & Writers Series.

    The Song of the Dead by Pierre Reverdy

    Poem by Pierre Reverdy / Via

    Pierre's poems, translated in English and also printed in French offer us the taste of art through words with vivid images. Published by Black Square Editions.

    all girls will not feel pretty at some point by Elizabeth Tsung

    Poem by Elizabeth Tsung / Via

    Elizabeth discusses the regular anxieties of everyday girls and weaves in her own struggles in a sometimes humorous, sometimes heartfelt chapbook.

    Collective Regeneration and Universal Love by Dan Shurley

    Poem by Dan Shurley / Via

    Dan's writing is not only cryptic but oddly self aware. Published by Nomadic Press.

    Leaves of Absence by Laura Madeline Wiseman & Sally Deskins

    Poem by Laura Madeline Wiseman. Art by Sally Deskins. / Via

    Sally's whimsical art breathes floral light into Laura's words in this collaborative book of art & poems. Published by Red Dashboard

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