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10 Perfect Gifts For The Artsy-DIY-Venus-Bohemian-Chic-Witchlike-Mermaid-Bestie In Your Life

We all have that one super cool friend that we want to impress. Here are gifts, all under $50 that will help you do just that. Everything on this list is sold by small, local & artisnal makers.

chixonthehud 2 years ago

10 Awesome Poetry Books That Came Out In The Past Year

People need to read more poetry. Here's 10 books that came out in the past year that blew my mind. No matter what kind of literature you're into, you're sure to find something that touches you from these amazing writers.

chixonthehud 3 years ago

10 Reasons Tiny Creatures That The Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand Make The Best Pets

Hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs & all small creatures are just as awesome as big pets.

chixonthehud 3 years ago