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    Posted on Jul 25, 2017

    21 Tell-Tale Signs You're The Besh Of All Beshies

    Tag a besh!

    1. Ready ka mag-free ng sched for a heart-to-heart talk.

    ABS-CBN / Via

    2. Kaya mong maghintay kay beshie kahit lagi siyang late.

    VH1 / Via

    Me: San ka na?

    Beshie: Otw na, besh. (Which also means 'Maliligo palang, besh.')

    Me: ~patience is a virtue~

    3. You're the official delegate to making paalams.

    4. Ikaw kasi ang designated planner ng mga lakad.

    5. You don't hold a grudge pag di na naman kayo tuloy.

    ABS-CBN | Isabelle Laureta/BuzzFeed / Via


    6. Lagi kang G pag may inuman.

    7. Willing ka manlibre sa barkada!

    OWN / Via

    8. Sa huli, ikaw ang taga-alaga ng lasing.

    Twitter: @tisoysince2000

    Nurse na nga, driver pa. Lakas niyo sakin!

    9. You don't forget birthdays.

    Twitter: @lagutinralph

    ~ Hindi kita malilimutan, beshie ~

    10. When you're the only guy besh in the squad, you have the highest respect for your girl beshies and their accomplishments.

    Facebook: dankitydankmemes

    E Q U A L I T Y

    11. You're beshie's official photographer.

    Facebook: phclassicalartmemes

    Model: Beshie

    Art direction/photography by: Me

    12. And first legit liker.

    Twitter: @auraroo

    Na-like ko na not once, not twice, but FIVE TIMES!

    13. Supportive ka din when beshie talks about his/her crush.

    14. Lagi kang may advice kahit di naman sinusunod.

    15. Pero you're still there to give beshie a hug when things fall apart.

    16. You always wish the best for beshie.

    17. Minsan harsh ka din mag-comment but that's because you love beshie.

    Facebook: jolegendslaydangal

    Tough love ang tawag dyan.

    18. Welcome ka lagi sa Casa de Beshie.

    19. In fact, favorite bisita ka nila Tito and Tita.

    20. You're like family to your beshie's fam.

    21. Because they know you'd protect your beshie at all costs.

    Thank you sa lahat, besh! <3

    KBS / Via

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