You Gotta Go For Your Goals No Matter How Far They Seem!

Live your dreams or that’s all they will be!

1. You gotta go for your goals no matter how far they seem!

2. Cause when you’re feeling like this is your life

3. And can’t wait for another 15 minutes to get out of your dead end job

4. Because your job bores you to no end

5. and it feels like you’re being worked over royally.

6. Then you gotta leave to do whatever it is you want to do

7. Since until you reach this point

8. You’ll be like this

9. Which will make you your own dissapointment

10. But if you go for it. You’re further ahead then most

11. And I’ll applaud you for it

12. Who knows? You just might make your dream come true!

13. Like I did. :)

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