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    • cherieo2

      21 Days of Beauty is great depending on what you need and what you like. Not all the products are going to be discontinued or out of season. Last 21 Days of Beauty I stocked up on It Cosmetics Primer and setting powder and neither are discontinued. The Pur Minerals setting spray I got at the 21 days of beauty before that is also a current product and not discontinued. The last few 21 days of beauty had Tarte Lights Camera Lashes on sale for half off and that is also a current product and not discontinued or out of season.  Maybe at your location you didn’t get rid of expired product but at my store we have scheduled checks to make sure all the product on the shelves are good. However I work at a high traffic location and honestly most of the skincare at my store sells long before it would ever expire. We also have an awesome team that cares about their store. Ad coupons never work on prestige but the same can be said for every department store in existence. You can’t use coupons on high end cosmetics at Macy’s , Nordstrom, or Khol’s so why would you expect it to work elsewhere. The cardstock coupons that do work on prestige are getting rarer now because they usually just send emails for the 20% off. Ulta hasn’t offered magazine subscriptions since I started working there so you haven’t been at Ulta in at least 2 years.

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