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17 Hobbies You Can Pick Up For Free Online

Spice up your CV, your dating profile, and your actual life.

1. Master the kitchen.

2. Learn to draw.

3. Become a beauty guru.

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Drawing's not the only art form you can learn online – learning to do your make-up was never so easy, creative, and varied than it is in the age of the beauty blogger. Take advantage and learn to play up your look and have fun with colour, contour, and style. If you're an absolute make-up beginner, start here. If you've got the basics covered but want to learn to infuse a bit of artistry into your look, check out the glam-inspired vlogger NikkieTutorials, and don't miss our round-ups of the best British beauty bloggers here and here.

4. Get into yoga.

5. Make things 'appen.

6. Learn to strike a chord.

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Instrument tutorials abound online, but if you're looking for minimum financial and time commitment, start with the ukulele. A decent cheap one costs about £20, so there's no real investment, and with an hour of practice a couple times a week, you'll see fast improvement. Start with the basics using helpful and in-depth videos from the Ukulele Tricks Youtube channel or Ukulele Underground.

7. Pick up knitting.

8. Embrace the magic in you.

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Amuse yourself and always have some entertainment in your back pocket by learning some simple card tricks. Magician Andy Field's Youtube channel is a prime resource for getting your slight of hand down to a science, and The Card Trick Teacher reveals tons of card tricks step-by-step so you can start blowing minds.

9. Learn to make your move.


If you're looking for a creative workout you can do from home, check out Mindy Jiroux fab step-by-step choreography to match the current radio hits. True beginners should start with Dance Tutorials Live's trove of instructive videos to get a handle on using your body and learning some sweet moves while you work up a sweat.

10. Release your inner novelist.

11. Start your own jewelry line.

12. Enhance your photoshop skills.

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Whether you want to make a funny Nicholas Cage GIF to send to your friend or make your CV pop with one of a kind design, the You Suck At Photoshop channel is the place to go to master the software and even learn to have fun with it.

13. Learn a language.

14. Train up to start our own blog.

15. Learn to sculpt.

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Get into a seriously hands-on hobby by learning to work with clay. Using your hands can be therapeutic, and with some practice you can end up with some beautiful and unique works of art. Get started with these comprehensive Youtube tutorials, and get playing!

16. Pick up juggling.

17. Animate

Want to pick up more skills online? Check out this list, or expand your hobby horizons by trying out some of these.

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