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    Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    19 Things You Know When You're The Messy One In Your Relationship

    "How do I turn the vacuum on again?"

    1. If you live alone your place looks like this:

    2. But if you live with your SO, your place has stuff like this:

    So many things, so many places to put them away. It's a little overwhelming, tbh.

    3. You're always *saying* you'll tidy a mess.


    You'll get to it, you promise. Tonight or tomorrow or this weekend or something. Right now there's a new The Walking Dead on, so.

    4. But after a couple of weeks, your partner just gives up and does it for you.


    When you get to it two weeks later, you realise it's been done for days. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    5. That can be a problem, because your brand of organisation is having a messy pile of stuff.


    You keep your keys under that pile of old newspaper on purpose, obviously.

    6. And you get really cranky if your partner tidies it...

    7. Because you have a SYSTEM, goddamnit!


    Seriously, you only know where your favourite shirt is because you always throw it in that pile in the corner.

    8. Your partner often gets stuck doing the dishes.

    9. But they can pretty much chill before the meal because you probably love to cook.


    Making stuff is fun! Cleaning up after is NOT.

    10. Laundry is their sole responsibility.

    11. You use "I don't like messy stuff" as an excuse not to tidy.

    Warner Bros

    "THEN WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD AT MAKING MESSES?!" —Every Tidy Partner Ever

    12. And "you're just better at it than me" as an excuse to ask them to do it.


    It's the only compliment they hate to hear.

    13. You spend a lot of time just praying they won't look under the couch/bed/chair.

    14. You have literally no idea where your cleaning products are stored.


    Probably because your tidy partner decided to organise them and they're no longer stacked by the door for easy, but rare, access.

    15. You probably have never bought cleaning products in your life, lbh.


    Or you just have a mountain of wet wipes and paper towel rolls, because those pretty much do the job, right?

    16. You have occasionally TRIED to be tidier.

    Channel 4

    But then you start to overthink it. Like you can't just tidy the coffee table, you must tidy ALL THE THINGS.

    17. And somehow that makes it so much worse.


    Like how do you even begin to fold a duvet?

    18. You definitely feel guilty for your tidiness deficiency.


    Letting your partner do all the cleaning is a really rude thing to do, actually.

    19. But mostly you just feel grateful to have found the tidy yin to your messy yang.

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