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    21 Apps That Will Change The Way You Look At London

    If you're tired of London apps, you're tired of life.

    1. Great Little Place

    The app calls itself "Tinder for places," and lets you teach it your taste as you swipe left or right on location recommendations throughout the city. The app is full of thoughtful suggestions, and its sleek, familiar interface makes it an easy companion.

    Free on iOS, with Android, Window, and Blackberry versions coming soon.

    2. Movie Map London

    Follow your favourite films throughout London. This handy app pinpoints famous sites used in London-based films over the years, so you can visit Will's blue door from Notting Hill, follow James Bond throughout the city, and more.

    Get it free for £0.79 for iOS.

    3. Culture Key

    Find the best art and culture events in London with ease using the handy Culture Key app. The app offers a curated list of art, theatre, and music events, as well as guided walks and festival information. A smooth interface and highly thoughtful collection of events and exhibitions make it an easy go-to for a cultured night out.

    Get it free for iOS.

    4. StrollOn

    Get your own personal audio tour of London with StrollOn. This useful app is great for getting out in a walk in the warm weather – maybe even replacing your morning commute with a thought-provoking walk in.

    Get it free for iOS.

    5. A Hollow Body

    Unveiled in tandem with the Museum of London's Sherlock Holmes exhibit, this walk through London combines soundscapes and narrative to create an engaging and mysterious walk through the city for two and will give you an experience in the city like you've never had before.

    Get it free for iOS.

    6. London Market Guide

    For a complete guide to the London markets on the go, check out this useful app. You can search by your area and what you're shopping for, as well as get a detailed history of the area if you're interested.

    Get it for £1.49 for iOS.

    7. Blue Plaques

    Walk through history on a self-guided tour following London's blue plaques using this handy app. With over 17,000 of the historical markers on file, the app is certain to teach you a thing or two about any area you happen to be in, and is a great way to plan a walk.

    Get it for free for iOS, or check out the similar Blue Plaques London for Android.

    8. Street Stories

    Take a fascinating walk in the King's Cross area using Street Stories from the Guardian. The lovely audio app features over 2 hours of atmospheric and informative content about the historic central London area, featuring interviews, music, and stories that will enrich your knowledge and experience.

    Get it free for iOS and Android.

    9. Horrible London

    See London's spooky side with this handy self-guided tour app of the city's most haunted and historically horrible places.

    Get it free for iOS.

    10. Beatles Walk London

    Explore London as you make your way through 18 Beatles-related locations across the city. The app is designed to help you visit each site individually or to connect them all with a walk through the city.

    Get it for £0.79 for iOS.

    11. Tour 2 London

    This handy app features 22 different guided walks, including Harry Potter and Shakespeare themed walking tours, and is the perfect go to for exploring the city on your own!

    Get it for free on iOS.

    12. Quirky London

    Explore London's most underrated spots with this handy app, which is designed to direct you towards less commercialised and less crowded gems throughout the city.

    Get it for £1.49 for iOS.

    13. Jack the Ripper – East London

    Track London's most notorious criminal on the guided tour of Whitechapel. The well-designed and informative app will take you through East London and teach you about the creepy Victorian serial killer case.

    Get it for £0.79 for iOS.

    14. Magic in Modern London

    This gorgeous GPS-based game will make you see London in a whole new light. Designed by the Wellcome Trust, the app overlays a gorgeously detailed map of the city from 1908 over the modern map, and combines historical readings, factoids, and clues to guide you an a unique hunt for history throughout the city.

    Get it free for iOS.

    15. Field Trip

    Field Trip is the pocket tour guide you've been waiting for. The app uses your location to make recommendations for food and attractions as well as offering local history.

    Get it free for iOS and Android.

    16. Banksy London Tour

    Follow the the tracks of mysterious graffiti artist Banksy across the city with this handy guided walk. The app includes a wealth of information about Banksy's work that can be accessed remotely, and an interactive map to lead you on his trail throughout London.

    Get it for £2.29 for iOS.

    17. Walking With Dickens

    Follow Charles Dickens and his timeless novels through the streets of London with this app, offering a series of guided walks inspired by Dickens' life, the locations in his books, and the history of the Industrial revolution.

    Get it free for iOS.

    18. Hidden London

    Plan days out to some underrated but lovely spots across the city. The easy-to-navigate Hidden London app offers an exhaustive A-Z list of little gems in London.

    Get it free for iOS.

    19. Soho Stories

    Don't walk around Soho without being plugged into this rich app from the National Trust. Soho Stories uses your location to share stories of Soho's history – every street brings a new tidbit, narrated by famous Soho-based entertainer Barry Cryer.

    Get it free for iOS.

    20. Spotted by Locals

    This handy city guide curate suggestions by locals so you can see new sides to several European cities, London included, from someone who knows their local area. With lots on on and offline information at hand, you can explore a new corner of the city with ease and savoir-faire.

    Get it free for iOS and Android.

    21. Global Treasure Apps

    Spice up a walk by using a guided treasure trail to look at a familiar or new area in a whole new light. The Global Treasure app offers clue-driven walks in London and elsewhere around the world to make an exploration extra fun and help you discover noks and crannies of the area you might have bypassed.

    Get it free for iOS.