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    Just Some Really Cool Stuff To Do This Week

    What to watch, play, and treat yourself to.

    Sian Butcher / BuzzFeed

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    1. Watch the Secret Life Of... series.


    This lovely and chilled out documentary series is a perfect escape from a stressful week. The series, perfect for fans of Planet Earth, is made up for four, two part episodes that cover unique Australian animals; I recently watched the wombat two-parter, and both learned a lot and felt suuuuuper relaxed at the end.

    Check them out on Netflix UK.

    Also don't miss the Incredible Jessica James.

    2. Read Refuge by Dina Nayeri.


    Mariam says: "I picked Refuge as my tube read this week and ended up spontaneously bursting into tears at so many moments. Dina Nayeri focuses on the relationship between an Iranian father and daughter as they explore the experience of exile from different sides of the world and there is so much beauty and pain expressed in her prose. At times, I found it both difficult to read and difficult to put down... Which is how I know I’ll be recommending it to everyone I know. It’s stunning."

    Get a copy here.

    Also check out the newly released and stunning BAME YA anthology, A Change Is Gonna Come.

    3. Listen to The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Passenger

    Black Crow Records

    Chill and wanderlust crooner Passenger dropped a new album that is exactly what you need an expect from him: quiet, folksy tunes infused with longing and personality. A very good edge of summer playlist if you ask me.

    Listen here.

    Or check out one of my favourite podcasts, Myths and Legends, for a mini-escape.

    4. Download Untapped

    If you're into beer – or want to be, this social media app for tracking unique craft beers you've drunk is a necessity. Useful for curating stuff you've had and stuff you want to have, and even better for bragging to your friends, it's basically the Goodreads of craft beer and how can you turn that down?

    Get it here.

    Or get yourself addicted to the adorable Cat Quest game.

    5. Make this smoky negroni.


    Kakurega Bar, which recently opened in London, shared this swanky cocktail recipe for impressing your friends at home:

    Ardbeg 10year old (25ml)

    Campari (15ml)

    Antica Formula (15ml)

    Aragoshi-Umeshu (sake-based plum wine) (10ml)

    Home-dried grapefruit peel to garnish.

    For something super simple, try these shortbread jam squares.

    6. Treat yourself to a relaxing facemask.


    Here's a comprehensive list of really great sheet masks you can order online and treat yourself to the very next day. I'm a big fan of the Yes and I'm Real brands myself.

    Or treat yourself to night out to a lovely exhibit. I recently caught the lovely and thoughtful Peace and Love showing at London' Saatchi Gallery and would definitely recommend the unique blend of poetry and traditional calligraphy art.

    7. Follow @thefrenchfoodie.

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