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    Take A Break From Everything And Check Out These Cool Things

    Animals that sing, pizza potatoes, beer subscriptions, and more.

    1. Watch The Last Kingdom.

    2. Read Saving Grace by Grace Wilson.

    3. Listen to this playlist with serious November vibes.

    4. Play Level With Me.

    5. Cook this pepperoni pizza potato bake.

    Facebook: video.php

    Get some winter warmth x 10 with this cosy and delicious mash up of two of your faves: pizza and potato.

    Recipe here.

    If you fancy dessert, how about these adorable mini Victoria sponge cakes?

    6. Try out this excellent craft beer subscription.

    7. Follow @HitsAnimales on Twitter

    Animals. Performing covers of your favourite (maybe) songs. What more is there to life than this? H/t to Alan for the suggestion.

    Follow @HitsAnimales here.

    Or follow @smrtgrls for a dose of hope.

    This is a weekly series. Let me know how you're killing time in the comments or @ me for a chance to be featured next week!