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    7 Ways To Entertain Yourself This Weekend

    What to watch, play, read, and eat.

    Rebecca Hendin / Getty / BuzzFeed

    1. Watch Class.


    Ailbhe says: "Check out YA Doctor Who spin-off Class. The first two episodes are on BBC iPlayer and are very watchable and pop culture heavy. Think a British Buffy, with added Tumblr. The first episode is written by Patrick Ness (The Rest of Us Just Live Here), which should give you an idea of the tone. If you weren't a Doctor Who fan before, it's not going to swing you – but if you're keen already, it's very enjoyable."

    Watch it on iPlayer here.

    Meanwhile, I watched the the news season of Black Mirror on Netflix in its entirety last week and oh my God, it hurts so good. But it's also great if you've only got an hour or so to kill, since none of the episodes are linked you can enjoy them in bite-sized servings.

    2. Read The Power by Naomi Alderman.


    Alderman is an award-winning novelist, creator of the hit fitness app Zombies Run, and a recent mentee of Margaret Atwood, so trust me when I say her newest book, The Power, should be on the top of your reading list. Set in a future some time after women have developed killer (literally) powers, Alderman's book follows in Atwood's tradition of speculative feminist literature and is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.

    Buy a copy here, or get the audiobook here.

    Another great read would be Paul Beatty's killer satire, The Sellout, which just won the Man Booker Prize.

    3. Listen to Adam Buxton's podcast.

    PODCAST EP.31 with @PantiBliss is up now on @acast, @Spotify, iTunes, and downloadable as MP3 on Soundcloud:

    Rebecca says: "Adam Buxton's podcast has been my aural accompaniment for everything recently. Most of my waking time is spent either drawing or walking around my city, so I'm constantly in search of ear-fodder that don't get old easily - and this podcast is a treat every time.

    "People might be familiar with Buxton from The Adam And Joe Show (in its Channel 4 TV incarnation, or on BBC 6 Music), or from one of his many other endeavours across comedy, film, television, and web. Buxton's podcast features a rotating list of interesting guests – I particularly love the Louis Theroux episodes, but they're all great – with whom he has a 'ramble chat' about whatever is on their minds. It's free-flowing and all-engaging, equal parts earnest and hilarious, and is interspersed with Buxton's catchy jingles. I can't recommend it enough."

    Listen here.

    Or check out BuzzFeed UK's own Tolani Shoneye on The Receipts Podcast.

    4. Play the New York Times Crossword app.

    "The big ones are very hard (and get increasingly harder)," says Remee, "but actually the mini and midi crosswords packs are really great (some packs are free some you have to buy). They are a good way to challenge yourself while on the tube, but also not hard enough so you feel like a dumbass! Always makes the commute go by really fast!"

    Get it for iOS here.

    For something chiller, try Viridi on iOS and Android.

    5. Cook this bacon and camembert pull-apart garlic bread.

    Jordan Ballentine / Proper Tasty

    Right, OK, do you really need convincing on this? Didn't think so. Pro-tip, vegetarians can ditch the bacon and enjoy the cheesy bread on its own, or sub in some fried onion or toasted almonds.

    Get the recipe here.

    If you've got time on your hands and are feeling creative, how about making SUSHI DOUGHNUTS?

    6. Try throwing together a last minute Halloween costume.

    Today's the day, so it's now or never! Find some helpful and easy last minute ideas here, here and here.

    If you're over Halloween, try whipping yourself into shape with the BuzzFeed 30 Day Butt Challenge.

    7. Follow @globemakers on Instagram.