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18 Places You Must Travel In 2016

Bucket list sorted.

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The stunning landscape of Normandy demands to be explored this coming year. With the 2016 Tour de France launching from the picturesque Mont-St-Michel and the Triannual Impressionist Festival taking place across the region, the area will be even more cultured than usual, and its old world architecture and charming scenery will be as captivating as ever.

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Fodor's Travel named Utah their top pick for world travel in 2016, and a look at the arresting views in Zion National Park are pretty good indicators as to why. Utah's unique landscape offers snowy mountains, sandy beaches, and everything in between, so no matter what time of year you book for, you're bound to have the adventure of a lifetime.

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Following the downfall of its US embargo, Cuba's tourism industry has swelled, allowing travellers with an eye for luxury and adventure the opportunity to experience the city's capital in an exciting period of growth. It's no secret than Cuban food is to die for, but the country also offers stellar night life and gorgeous beaches.

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Lithuania might not immediately come to mind for the perfect getaway, but in fact, the diverse country is incredibly underrated. The stunning architecture and history, impressive forests, beautiful beaches, and unique food are only some of what the nation has to offer, and it can all be easily accessed from Lithuania's capitol, Vilnius, which also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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This paragon of British history will commemorate its biggest celebrity, William Shakespeare, this year on the 400th anniversary of his death. The charming riverside city is a perfect escape from London's busier hubs, perfectly blending Elizabethan history with a modern foodie culture and top-notch theatre from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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Bavaria is, of course, best to visit in the autumn for Oktoberfest. Especially this year, for the 500th anniversary of Germany's Beer Purity Law. But the stunning and historical region of Germany is a bucket-list location year round, with its gorgeous mountains and magical castles.

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If you're looking to travel with a conscience this year, Nepal is the best place to put your money where your mouth is. The country's economy relies heavily on tourism (and with a stunning natural landscapes and impressive cultural centres, who could blame it?), and is now rebuilding after the devastation of last year's earth quake.

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This year marks the centennial of the USA's National Parks Services, so there's no better time to see one of the country's most beautiful reserves. Nestled at the top of the New England coast, Acadia is a natural escape like no other. It's a perfect spot for outdoorsy types, but coastal towns like Camden and Portland are great places to stay for more domestic fare.

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2016's World Design Capitol is the perfect alternative to pricier Tokyo and Hong Kong. The futuristic city is a treat for the eyes, and throughout 2016, will highlight the city's best architecture. Taipei also has a unique café culture, playing host to many eateries that feature cats and dogs for guests to befriend on the regular.

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If you're craving luxury with a bit of adventure mixed in, the capital of the United Arab Emirates offers a high-end holiday with touches of ancient history woven throughout its urban landscape. The city is home to stunning mosques, as well as outposts of some of Europe's best museums, including the Louvre and Guggenheim.

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As one of this year's two European Capitols of Culture, San Sebastian offers a beachy contrast to its sister city, Wroclaw. Famous for its incredibly landscape and stunning beaches, not to mention its tasty tapas culture, San Sebastian is a must for a relaxing holiday.

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