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    16 Spooktacular Halloween Tours In Britain

    Witches, monsters, and ghosts. Oh my!

    1. Blood & Granite: The Murder History Tour, Aberdeen

    Prepare for dark streets and dark deeds. Aberdeen's Blood & Granite tour guides you through the city's ominous past, via sites related to poisoners, hangmen, and butchers who turned their knives on their own kind.

    2. The Jack the Ripper Tour, London

    Don't go down any dark alleys alone. The still-unsolved Jack the Ripper case has haunted and mystified history and horror buffs since the 19th century. Every day of the week, The Jack the Ripper Tour hosts a hunt for answers to the crimes and identity of London's most infamous serial killer.

    3. Ghost Walk of the Lanes, Brighton

    Bright by day, fright by night. Journey through the back lanes of Brighton to discover a plethora of hauntings and paranormal activity. The tour ends at the Druid's Head, Brighton's oldest pub and reportedly the site of over a hundred mysterious occurrences.

    4. Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt, West Midlands

    What's lurking in the shadows? This ancient site and its surroundings have plenty of dark corners for ghosts to hide. On your hunt, keep an eye out for the Grey Lady, who was condemned to haunt the premises when her last wish to be buried with her family was denied.

    5. Guys Cliffe House Ghost Hunt, Warwickshire

    Be prepared to be chilled to the bone. Formerly a World War I hospital, Guys Cliffe House is steeped in creep, and served as a filming location for The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, during which time it mysteriously caught fire. The overnight hunt on the grounds covers the manor's interior, where paranormal activity has been reported.

    6. Death and Debauchery Tour, London

    Careful who cuts your hair and who makes your pies. Death and Debauchery abound in metropolitan London. Explore the city's dark underbelly, from haunted theatres to Fleet Street, famed as the home of infamous demon barber Sweeney Todd.

    7. The Hauntings of Oxford Castle

    Beware, these walls are cursed. With its underground vaults and blood drenched execution mound, Oxford Castle can't help but be haunted. From poltergeists to mysterious death curses, you won't have any trouble staying awake on this overnight hunt.

    8. Grim Reapers of London

    Is this the city of the dead? Starting with the East End's grim history, this day tour tracks a number of London horrors, culminating in an exploration of London's most haunted building, Tower Bridge, and Traitors' Gate.

    9. Newsham Park Hospital Ghost Hunt, Liverpool / Creative Commons

    Explore unmarked graves and unfinished business. This Victorian haunt in Newsham Park is certainly one of the creepiest places in the UK. Having functioned as an orphanage, hospital, and nursing home over the years, the place is bursting with spooky spirits. Uncover its secret history on this overnight hunt.

    10. Cardiff Castle Ghost Tour

    Are pure facts enough to spook you? This midnight haunted tour of Cardiff Castle relies on the natural atmosphere and authoritative reports of paranormal activity to raise your neck hairs.

    11. Pendle Hill Witch Hunt, Lancashire

    They'll put a spell on you. Travel to Pendle Hill to uncover the truth about the alleged witchcraft there if you dare. A number of creeptastic events, including death and milk turning blue, occurred in 1612, all associated with a family of alleged devil-worshippers living on top of the hill.

    12. Highgate Vampire Walk

    Don't go staking my heart. This theatrical tour hunts the truth about the 1970 vampire sightings in Highgate. Beware of the cemetery, where the shadowy apparitions originated.

    13. Clink Prison Ghost Hunt, London

    Hope you're not afraid of the dark. Stay overnight with the ghosts of tortured prisoners of Clink Prison, dating back to 1142. The prison may seem tame and childish during day visiting hours, but when the lights go down, who knows what will creep out of the shadows?

    14. Belfast Ghost Tour

    Caspar, the friendly ghost? A ghost reportedly saved a nobleman from death in Belfast; this story and more ominous ones of jail haunts and back-alley spooks fill the Belfast Ghostwalk.

    15. The Hunters Grimm, London

    Teatro Vivo
    Teatro Vivo

    Once upon a time... Monsters and magic are hiding in modern London on this original promenade performance, in which you explore Deptford on a hunt for fairy tales.

    16. The Double Dead Walking Tour, Edinburgh

    What lies beneath? This brilliant double-billed tour of haunted Edinburgh explores the city's hauntingly beautiful cemeteries and plunges you into the dark in the underground vaults, which over the centuries have housed the homeless, nightlife, and hidden horrors.