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    12 Celebs You Forgot Had TV Guest Starring Roles Before They Were Famous

    Everybody had to start somewhere.

    1. Ashley Benson (Zoey 101)


    That's right. Before she was a "Pretty Little Liar", Ashley Benson had a small role in an episode of the popular Nickelodeon show Zoey 101 where she played Quinn's class experiment.

    2. Zac Efron (Summerland)

    The WB

    Before he was everyone's favorite singing basketball player at East High, Zac had a recurring guest role on the WB teen drama Summerland as Nikki's friend (and eventually boyfriend) Cameron. This was back when lil' Zac still had his adorable tooth gap.

    3. Leonardo DiCaprio (Roseanne)


    Long before he stole the hearts of women everywhere as Jack Dawson, a young Leo had the guest role in Roseanne as one of Darlene's home economics classmates (and look at how adorable he was).

    4. Emily Ratajkowski (iCarly)


    Before she was starring in any hit movies or huge modelling campaigns, Emily Ratajkowski first appeared as Gibby's girlfriend Tasha in season three of iCarly.

    5. Mila Kunis (7th Heaven)

    Spelling Television

    Yep, before she drove everyone crazy as Jackie Burkhart on That '70s Show, Mila had a four episode guest role on 7th Heaven as Lucy's frenemy Ashley. Look at that baby face!

    6. Aaron Paul (90210)

    90210 Production

    Before the days of Breaking Bad, Aaron played Romeo in a school play in an episode of 90210.

    7. Emma Stone (Malcolm in the Middle)

    20th Century Fox Television

    Back in 2007, Emma Stone had just lost a role on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but she landed a one episode role in the final season of Malcolm in the Middle. She plays Diane, who pranks Malcolm and ends up driving his mother to hide all of her dolls in her school locker to embarrass her.

    8. Mario Lopez (Golden Girls)

    Touchstone Television

    Before he graced the halls of Bayside High with his dimples, he played one of Dorothy's students who wrote a prize-winning essay that lead to some major drama on an episode of Golden Girls.

    9. Ryan Gosling (Are You Afraid of the Dark?)

    Nickeoldeon Network/YTV

    I mean sure, maybe you knew that young Ryan Gosling was already a star and was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, but did you know that he also starred in a 1995 episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? The episode was called "The Tale Of Station 109.1" and he plays a boy who locks his brother in the back of a hearse because he's obsessed with death.

    10. Jennifer Lawrence (Monk)

    ABC Studios

    Before Jennifer was a box office sensation, her breakout role was as a school mascot in the show Monk.

    11. Jessica Chastain (Veronica Mars)

    Silver Pictures Television

    That's right, at the beginning of Season 1, Jessica guest starred as Veronica's pregnant neighbor who goes missing.

    12. Michael B. Jordan (House M.D.)


    Long before he was in Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan had a guest stint on popular Medical drama House as a patient who goes mysteriously blind.

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