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    29 Subscription Boxes That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Getting A Gift Every Month

    Jewelry, plants, Japanese snacks, and much more sent straight to your door.

    1. A month-to-month Horti subscription that'll help you grow as a plant parent! To start, they'll send you hardy plants (read: difficult to kill) and as you progress in your caretaking skills, you'll advance to more exotic species.

    planters and plants

    2. A Winc wine subscription — something that'll come particularly in handy for those who live in cities and don't feel like lugging home a tote bag full of vino from their local bottle shop or bodega.

    four bottles of wine next to a Winc box

    3. A stylist-curated Dia & Co plus-size clothing subscription so you never have to try clothes on in store again!!! Plus, it's an easy way to score unique pieces so you won't run into 10x people wearing the same thing on their Starbucks run.

    4. An ~affordable~ and aesthetic candle subscription because fall is FINALLY HERE (can you tell I'm excited...) and there's simply nothing cozier than lighting up a new scent and crawling under the covers.

    5. A monthly Japanese snack subscription so you can try out different versions of popular candies like sake Kit Kats and cherry Pocky, as well as traditional treats like Yamato Shrimp Crackers and Yakisoba Taro.

    the orange subscription boxes full of candy and snacks

    6. Or, a Universal Yums subscription if you're looking for gastronomical goodies from allll over the globe. Every month will take you to a different corner of the world so you may get rich chocolates from Belgium or umami seaweed snacks from Thailand.

    a Yum Box with various snacks

    7. A Goddess Provisions subscription if you could *always* use more crystals, aromatherapy items, and vegan beauty picks in your life.

    8. A Candy Club subscription for those with an insatiable sweet tooth. The company partners with small artisans and famed candy producers alike so your box is always filled with ultra-tempting confections.

    someone holding a Candy Club box with six jars of candy

    9. A Rocksbox membership because you're all about designer duds but not so much dropping the $$$ to outright own them. Instead, rent out three pieces at a time from brands like Kate Spade and Kendra Scott and then slip them back in the mail when the month's up.

    10. A Bespoke Post membership if your idea of fun mail includes a ~personalized~ mix of themed, under-the-radar goods from small businesses.

    a bespoke post box with items like razors, bar tools, and watches

    11. A build-a-box subscription from Nick's so your freezer never sees an ice cream-free day. (The absolute HORROR.)

    arms around a bunch of pints of ice cream

    12. A Book of the Month subscription for lit lovers who want to keep up on of-the-moment reads before they become a major motion picture.

    13. A big ol' box of pickles if you're known as the "pickle friend" in all your social circles. Now you can enjoy them in peace without anyone making ludicrous comments about how "disgusting" they are.

    a box with various types of pickles

    14. A Vinyl Me, Please membership for music enthusiasts just getting into LPs or those rounding out their decades-old collection.

    A pile of vinyls with bows

    15. A Goldbelly monthly subscription if you're a foodie who'd love to support restaurants big, small, and in every corner of the country.

    16. A Yes Plz Coffee subscription so you can get new beans delivered straight to your door every week (or every other week, or once a month — you get it).

    The coffee beans which come in a clear plastic bag

    17. Or, if tea is more your speed, a Simplicity Tea subscription so you can try out two new fancy-shmancy loose leaves every month.

    Four tubes of tea: lemon cloud, romance, hazelnut cinnamon, and mango mate

    18. A Hunt A Killer subscription for those who're always upset when the murder on Unsolved Mysteries goes...unsolved. With this monthly kit, you can do your own detective work decoding ciphers, piecing together timelines, and going through a victim's personal effects in order to get to the bottom of their case.

    A Hunt A Killer box with newspaper clippings, police documents, letters, and other paperwork

    19. A BootayBag subscription because once you reach adulthood, there's nothing quite like new undergarments — especially ones you don't have to shop for yourself.

    20. A Piquant Post subscription sure to please those who — without fail — comment on how their meal could use more flavor or kick.

    Casablanca blend, ras el hanout, chermoula, and harissa seasoning packets

    21. A classic Murray's Cheese of the Month membership for those who fancy themselves some fromage. Each box comes with three to four types of cheese and a tasting card with suggested beverage pairings. 🥂

    A selection of cheeses from November 2019 with a tasting card

    22. A FaceTory sheet mask subscription so you can take your self-care routine to the next level with the latest K-beauty products that can be hard to find in stores.

    a variety of sheet masks

    23. A Jiggy puzzle membership for those who prefer to bide their quarantine 2.0 time by piecing together jigsaws (and *responsibly* drinking adult beverages all the while).

    Two people completing a puzzle

    24. A Fearless Nail Art subscription so you'll always have a supply of decals, stencils, foils, wraps, rhinestones, brushes, and more. That way, you can 💅 nail 💅 the latest mani trends without dropping $100 at the salon.

    a nail art kit from the box

    25. A splurge-worthy meat subscription full of mouthwatering BBQ selections like Memphis-style baby back ribs, vanilla bourbon bacon, and garlic butter brats — plus (!) all the fixins'.

    26. A monthly Foot Cardigan subscription if you've reached the point in adulthood where receiving socks as a gift is no longer boring but just the opposite — incredibly exciting!

    27. A Smartass & Sass box with eight to nine hand-curated items (think: candles, accessories, T-shirts) perfect for the person with sailor's mouth and a good sense of humor.

    contents of the box spread out

    28. A monthly Scentbird mailing so you can get in on bestselling fragrances (from brands like Prada, Cartier, and Versace) without having to commit to a $90+ full bottle you'll never get through.

    29. And a BarkBox subscription if the only thing you love more than mail is your pup. Now you can combine your two greatest treasures!

    The kit

    You cancelling plans with friends because the mail hasn't come yet and you *aren't* willing to miss it:

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