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    34 Splurge-Worthy Items That'll Transform Your Home Into A Haven

    No, you don't need everything on this list... but you'll certainly want it.

    1. A linen bedding set that delivers the lived-in look you've long been searching for. If you're anything like me, having a matching set will also serve as motivation to actually make your bed each morning.

    2. A colorful vase bursting with what we can only describe as A.B.E. — ~Aidy Bryant energy.~ If you watched Shrill and didn't want to steal her entire wardrobe and general aesthetic (both as a character and IRL human), we can't be friends.

    Two of the geometric vases in light purple and pink

    3. A Samsung Frame TV you can quickly switch to a piece of renaissance art before your S.O. figures out you were Netflix cheating.

    4. A Bearaby weighted blanket that looks like it was knit with needles the size of those jumbo novelty pencils we all clamored over in elementary school.

    The knit weighted blanket in midnight blue

    5. An easy-to-install Tushy bidet which will save you serious $$$ on toilet paper and have you feeling clean as a whistle (whatever that means).

    6. An Article Timber sofa with buttery soft cushions that will make you debate getting into an argument with your S.O. so you can sleep on the couch for a night.

    7. An Our Place Always Pan that can do just about everything and eliminate a few extra dishes in the process. If it could wash itself, there'd truly be no stopping it.

    The blue salt pan and nesting beechwood spatula

    8. A Ruggable area rug you can fold up and toss in the wash when your dog knocks your bowl of queso off the coffee table. It was an honest mistake, they clearly feel bad, and the rug can be saved, so no hard feelings, okay?

    The Cambria Sapphire rug which features a blue, red, and orange Persian print

    9. A Slip silk pillowcase that will prevent you from flipping and re-flipping your pillow in a desperate bid to chase the cool side.

    A model holding the pillowcase in pink marble

    10. A Buffy Cloud comforter so supremely comfortable, you'd debate trading your first-born child for just a few more minutes in bed.

    Two models wrapped up in the plush comforter

    11. A Chinese fan palm that — like you —thrives in low light and with little water. Better yet, the ~dramatic~ plant is non-toxic so if your pet is tempted to take a lil' nibble, you won't have to deal with a $2,000 vet bill.

    The Chinese fan palm in a clay pot

    12. A natural wood bath caddy so you can stretch out like you're the leading role in a rom-com and you can somehow afford a place with a clawfoot tub even though you walk dogs for a living.

    The natural wood caddy which fits most standard tubs

    13. A set of matching linen pajamas that are as comfy as all get-out but also look like you put some serious effort into your Zoom lewk. Little do your colleagues know, the coziness doesn't stop there — you've also been taking calls from the comfort of your bed.

    14. A Roomba i7+ so smart, it empties itself and sends you a report of what exactly it cleaned! No more spending your Sundays cleaning every square inch of your home! Now, you can sit back and watch this gadget do all of the work.

    15. Or a cordless Dyson vacuum if you've got a whole lotta carpet and pets who shed an aggressive amount. Idk about you, but I can't ~fully~ relax without clean floors.

    16. A pair of Ugg Fluff Yeah slippers so you can pad around the house in Gigi Hadid fashion. She gave us the secrets to her spicy vodka pasta, so uh, yeah, we're gonna trust her opinion on slippers, too.

    17. A memory foam Saatva mattress that won't creak or send you rolling directly into the middle like a deflating air mattress.

    The Loom & Leaf mattress by Saatva

    18. A set of super-plush Brooklinen towels which will give you a spa-like experience every single day even if in your rush to get out of the shower and to an appointment, you only shaved one pit.

    A bath sheet in cream

    19. A sleek air purifier that doesn't just suck up whatever pollutants are swirling in your air — it DESTROYS them on a molecular level. (Thank you, science 😌)

    A reviewer's photo of the white mini purifier which works in rooms up to 250 square feet

    20. A three-tier Open Spaces shoe rack with more personality than some people I've met. (If we've met, just assume this isn't about you, okay?) But in seriousness, it offers ample space for all of the kicks that have been littering your bedroom floor.

    The navy shoe rack which has a handle on top

    21. A velvet office chair that supports your back and your desire to adhere to a mid-century modern design scheme.

    The grey velvet chair which has oak legs and the ability to swivel 360 degrees

    22. A hand-blown Chemex coffeemaker from which you can brew the baddest cup of coffee your kitchen ever did see. This way, you won't have to change out of your slippies and venture outside to secure your morning caffeine fix.

    Someone pouring water in the glass coffee maker

    23. And — to go with the above — a burr coffee grinder with 40 different grind settings which, if you ask my coffee snob boyfriend, are ESSENTIAL for getting the perfect at-home cup. Espresso, cold brew, French press... you can do it all with this guy.

    24. A full-body bath pillow so you can roll off of your regular mattress and onto your submerged mattress. Not gonna lie, the second time I used this, I did fall back asleep.

    25. A self-cleaning Litter-Robot which not only saves you from scooping poop, but looks like it came out of the Star Wars universe.

    26. A minimalist-meets-industrial bookshelf where you can display your succulents, tchotchkes, and all of the books you've bought but never cracked open. One day you'll get to them!!

    27. A hanging leather headboard that'll cradle your skull much better than the sheetrock behind it.

    The tan leather headboard which hangs from two straps

    28. A set of sustainable sheets that feel like silk even though they're made from 100% bamboo — a plant I would not have thought to categorize as soft.

    The bamboo sheet set in sage green

    29. A set of bookshelf speakers so you can turn your living room into a personal theater. At the rate we're going, who knows if real theaters will ever welcome us back into their sticky soda- and popcorn-saturated embrace.

    A reviewer's photo of the bookshelf speaker which has wooden sides

    30. A Casper pillow because you haven't replaced yours in ohhh, three or four years? If they have sweat marks and unexplained stains... they're a lost cause, boo.

    The white pillow next to some of the microfiber filling

    31. A handwoven rattan hamper so you can keep dirty clothes off the floor and out of sight. So what if you haven't done laundry in three weeks? That's between you, yourself, and no one else.

    A reviewer's photo of the rattan hamper which has a lid

    32. A mirrored skincare fridge you can keep in your bedroom or bathroom to store all of your serums, jade rollers, and emergency sleeves of Reese's peanut butter cups. Home is where your secret sugar stash is, after all.

    The white mirrored fridge which has a flush handle

    33. A set of motorized shades so when you're ready to settle in for a movie or call it a night, you can block out light with the push of a button or Alexa voice request.

    The shades in coffee and a display that shows they can be controlled via Alexa, Google Home, or an included remote

    34. And a heathered Barefoot Dreams robe because if we've learned anything from Chrissy Teigen, it's that the best way to unwind at home is in a robe and nothing else.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Me @ myself in a mirror when quarantine is over but I've developed an unhealthy attachment to everything in my home:

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