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    26 Products That'll *Almost* Make You Forget You Live In A Super Drafty Apartment

    Bye bye, constant chills down your spine.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A two-pack of draft blockers because *your* name is on the utility bill and you'll be damned if you pay even a penny for any hot air that Houdinis its way out of the house.

    a white draft-blocker on the bottom of a door

    2. And — if that's not enough — an additional weighted door draft stopper with a triangular design that ensures a tight fit. The non-slip stopper not only prevents warm air from escaping, but it also reduces noise so if you're an in-bed-by-8 p.m. person and your roommate is a ~listen-to-Skrillex-til-3 a.m.~ person, you can get some shut-eye.

    a reviewer's draft stopper in front of their door

    3. A teensy space heater you can plop right on top of your desk or by your feet. Some reviewers say it's the perfect size for pets, too — just place it right in front of their bed or whatever cardboard box they're enamored with these days.

    the pink space heater on a reviewer's desk

    4. An ultra-lofty down duvet insert with puffy baffle box construction that keeps out the cold. Wrapped up in this, I basically feel like the Michelin Man which, until now, I didn't realize was my peak form.

    The white down duvet which has baffle box construction

    5. A wearable blanket for those days when a regular ol' throw just isn't cutting it. Layer this on underneath and now you're playing ball.

    6. A cozy heated blanket that'll keep you so toasty, you'll never have to crawl out of bed for fuzzy socks again.

    7. An easy-to-use insulator kit if countless emails to your landlord about a 2-inch gap in your window have gone unanswered. (🎶 Welcome to New York, it's been waitin' for you! 🎶)

    8. A quick-to-heat foot warmer if your tootsies are seemingly cold no matter the number on the thermostat.

    a model using the brown foot warmer

    9. Or — if you're looking for something a little more portable — a pair of microwavable booties that you can pad around the house in.

    a pair of microwavable booties

    10. A pair of thermal curtains which not only block out light and noise, but prevent your central heat from escaping because we are not playing that game — not in this economy!

    The curtains in mustard yellow

    11. A long-sleeve hooded jumpsuit beloved by hundredsssss of reviewers for its carefree comfort and versatility. I recently joined the club and let me just say — they aren't lying.

    front view of a model in the grey hooded jumpsuit
    back view of the same model
    Smash + Tess

    Smash + Tess is a woman-founded small biz from mother/daughter/bestie trio Ashley and Teresa Freeborn and Mercedes Laporte. The Vancouver-based brand constructs their bestselling rompers from sustainable cotton and bamboo rayon that excel in maintaining their softness and shape. 

    I've had my Smash + Tess romper for a few months now and I'm not embarrassed to say I wear it multiple times per week. It's SO freaking comfortable and — even better — completely effortless. I did find that they run a little large, so my advice is to size down one if you're worried. That said, after washing mine, it did shrink just a bit. I really can't recommend it enough!

    Promising review: "It’s as advertised — soft, comfy, and perfect for cuddling in Canadian winters!" —Sharon H.

    Get it from Smash + Tess for $135 (available in sizes 2XS–4X).

    12. A reusable heating pad you can pop in the microwave and then place around your neck (or really anywhere) for long-lasting heat.

    Six of the patterned heaters

    13. A pair of fleece-lined leggings ready for winter's wrath. The much-loved bottoms have a wide waistband that stays in place and they're made from a moisture-wicking fabric that's certain to keep ya nice and cozy.

    14. A one-of-a-kind hand-warming mug with an ergonomic pocket you can slip your chilly fingers right into.

    15. A spa-esque towel warmer for those who LIVE for taking fresh linens out of the dryer and then immediately cocooning in them. This is honestly the thing I miss most about not having laundry in my building.

    A model pulling a towel out of the silver towel warmer

    16. A rechargeable, double-sided hand warmer with three to four hours of juice — plenty for keeping your mitts comfortable while working from home or lounging on the couch.

    17. A pair of Ugg Fluff Yeah slippers with plush sheepskin and a lil' peep toe action so your tootsies can breathe. Sometimes you just want the best of both worlds, ya know?

    18. Or, if you're looking for something more budget-friendly, a pair of crisscross faux fur slippers that also have a peep toe as well as memory foam insoles that feel like a million bucks.

    19. An adjustable heated mousepad if your workspace ~always~ seems to have a draft — no matter what the thermostat is set to.

    The pink adjustable hand warmer

    20. A hot stone massage kit that comes in a freaking clam shell! Why? TBH I couldn't tell you, but I do love it.

    The four-piece stone kit which comes in a clamshell warmer

    21. A heated mattress pad with dual controls so you can bump the heat up to 100 on your side and not have to worry about your already-sweaty bedfellow.

    The heated mattress pad which has two controls

    22. A roll of self-adhesive weatherstrip if you've reached out to your super 10x times now and it's apparent that no one is coming to fix your windows. Alas, that's what YouTube tutorials and determination are for, ehh?

    someone applying weatherstripping to a window by peeling off the self-adhesive tape on the back of the roll

    23. A pair of fuzzy socks for those with ice-cold toes that just *refuse* to warm up — even once the rest of your body has come up to a normal temp.

    A reviewer wearing the socks in black and white

    24. A heathered Barefoot Dreams robe with a plush shawl collar and mid-calf length. Whether or not you wear anything underneath is between you and your robe!

    25. A set of affordable flannel sheets so you can roll yourself into a toasty lil' burrito any time you climb into bed.

    the sheet set in vetiver

    26. And a BedJet cooling and warming system that makes it possible to regulate your nighttime temperature if your partner *insists* on sleeping with the windows open.

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