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    I Use This Pet Grooming Glove Almost Every Day And If You Have A Cat Or Dog Who Sheds, I Bet You Will Too

    Yes, it's really that good 🐾

    Helloooooo! If you've never read my posts before, let me introduce myself: I'm Chelsea, one of the BuzzFeed Shopping team's resident cat-obsessed editors. And, ~more importantly~, below are my bonded twin babies Salty and Clementine.

    They were rescued from Far Rockaway beach in NYC when they were just wee babes and they had quite a rough start, so I will buy literally *anything* if I know it'll help them be healthier or happier. As such, the second I started at BuzzFeed, I jumped on the bandwagon and bought the best-selling gentle grooming brush that I'd seen in a bunch of posts (ty, shopping colleagues!). It's only $7.99, so there was really no question in my mind. 🤷‍♀️

    If I don't brush them frequently, my home *will* turn into the Wild West but with tumbleweeds of airborne fur caught up in the vortex of our window AC units. Just see below for how much fur I'm dealing with:

    a buzzfeed editor's cat with a giant ball of fur on their head

    The biggest benefit of this deshedding/grooming glove, though, is that I can just pretend I'm going in for a normal petting session and they really enjoy it! (Look at that kicked-up leg.)

    Since the glove is so flexible, I can also scratch under their chin, behind their ears, and on their bellies (yes — they're a special breed that enjoys that) just as I normally would. And at the end, I'm left with a ginormous mat of fur that just peels right off the glove without any effort.

    Ofc, I am *far* from the only person gushing over this thing. Cat and dog parents the internet over all seem to love it. Just check out this glowing review:

    a reviewer's dog standing behind two deshedding gloves and a large pile of fur

    And this reviewer who even uses it on their rabbits!

    screenshot of a five-star Amazon review titled "great for bunnies"

    And I'd be remiss not to share fellow BF shopping editor AnaMaria's review if only because...LOOK AT HER PUP'S FACE!

    The grooming glove with silicone nodules, full of hair held in front of a French bulldog

    If you're not convinced by now, idk what else could swing you — so I'm just gonna stop and suggest you look at all the other review photos of cuties gettin' their groom on.

    TL;DR: get a grooming glove on Amazon for just $7.99 (or a pair for $13.99 if you've got lefties in the fam). I promise — *in a non-legally-binding-way* — that you won't regret it!

    Your cat watching you X out of this post *without* buying them a dang grooming glove: