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    28 Pieces Of Furniture And Decor That Won't Instantly Scream "This Is For My Pet"

    Because you love your cat but also your aesthetic.

    1. A multilevel tower that could easily pass an industrial bookshelf instead of a cat condo. Better yet, it won't take up a wild amount of floorspace in your already crowded apartment.

    2. A lucite dog gate if you simply *refuse* to install one of those metal or wood ones that make your pup look like he's behind bars. Plus, this one doesn't have to be screwed into the wall — it's completely portable!

    a dog standing behind the clear four-panel gate

    3. A hidden litter box enclosure that looks more like a mid-century modern nightstand you'd find at Anthropologie than a piece of furniture literally made to hold poop.

    4. A spherical Tuft + Paw hideout with a faux-fur blanket just your cat's size. If your bb is anything like mine, they'll hang out in there until you walk by at perfect swatting distance.

    5. An abstract bowl that — if I saw out of context — I would likely assume was a human dish because it's that good looking.

    6. A smart pet sofa so if you live with roommates or partners who have a "no dogs on the furniture" rule, your pup still have a comfy place of their own.

    7. Or if the tufted design above isn't your style, a sleek option that's seriously just a teensy version of a v. modern style I'd expect to see in any of my friends' homes.

    a cat on the beige mini sofa/bed

    8. A hidden cat box enclosure so you can kick your unsightly open-top box to the curb. Angled just so, and it'll pass for a faux plant and nothing more!

    9. A bookshelf cat tree if you're sick of the sore thumb that is your existing carpet- and sisal-covered climbing tower. Who knows, maybe your kitty is a design snob too!

    10. Or, along the same lines, a modern design reminiscent of a blanket ladder. The only difference is it's covered in your other favorite soft and cuddly things — your feline friends.

    the four tier, X-shaped cat tree

    11. A corner credenza that also serves as a dog crate so Sparky isn't the only one with an ugly bed. Plus, more importantly, your living room doesn't have to harbor an eyesore of a crate.

    the corner credenza in coral

    12. A coffee table cat condo if your fur babies are already prone to crawling all over your furniture anyways. Now, at least, they'll have a designated spot — in the form of a built-in condo — that's just theirs.

    three cats on top of and in the coffee table

    13. A UFO-shaped cat box that not only looks stellar, but prevents your kitty baby from kicking litter all over the dang place.

    14. A woven doggie bed if your style leans more bohemian than contemporary. I guarantee it'll fit right in with your wall baskets, macramé plant hangers, and neutral shag rug.

    a small dog sits atop a fluffy cushion inside of a handmade basket bed

    15. Or, a woven cat pod — from the same Etsy seller as above —with an enclosed design that'll make your bebes feel nice and secure.

    the woven cat lounger

    16. A slatted cat perch that looks more like a high-end stool or ottoman than a hiding spot for your shy tabby. Keep the top cushion fur-free and I don't think anyone would question it if you pulled it out as extra seating.

    17. A fruit tart bed any cat should be berry into. Not only does it provide a cozy place for them to cuddle up, but is also comes with a handful of lemon-, kiwi-, strawberry-, and blueberry-shaped cushions they can attack as soon as they wake up from a nap.

    a buzzfeed writer's hairless cat in the fruit tart bed

    18. A cactus scratching post for all the indoor kitties who miss the great outdoors, but not having to catch their own food, find their own shelter, or go without 24/7 snuggles.

    19. A macramé cat hammock so visually arresting, it may just convince your fur baby to give up the Amazon box they've been calling home for the last month. Since it's made out of a bunch of strings, I don't see how they wouldn't at least be intrigued.

    Two cats lounging on separate macrame hammock beds

    20. A leather doggie sofa that's just as posh as your couch, and don't worry about stains or scratches — they'll buff right out with regular use! Oh and BTW...it has a freakin' memory foam base that's probably just as comfortable as your mattress.

    a medium sized dog lounges on a brown leather dog couch

    21. A design-forward raised bowl from Cat Person — a brand whose name I deeply identify with. The stylish tray keeps spills at bay while the shallow bowl prevents whisker fatigue so your feline friend can fill up on wet or dry food.

    a grey cat eating from the raised white, purple, and blue bowl/tray setup

    22. A faux fur–covered cat perch that looks as unoffensive as any floating shelf with its concealed mount and ash or walnut finish.

    23. A pom-pom–bedecked teepee where your favorite family member can cozy up for a nap or get their pose on for a new IG photo.

    24. A divine yet durable pet cabana you can customize with your choice of wood and fabric. Keep it in the living room or carry it out by the pool for lazy lounge days.

    the pet cabana with hazel wood and a beige cushion

    25. A nonslip food mat with colors that won't clash with your home decor or go-to Lightroom presets (potentially more important).

    a pug next to the white and gray geometric mat

    26. A banana-shaped bed for the pet who loves "hiding" under blankets and in cardboard boxes. The top flap — or, if we're talking anatomically, the peel — offers them a private and enclosed space to nap.

    27. A wood-and-acrylic crate (that doubles as a side table) if your pup isn't quite yet ready for unsupervised exploration at home but you're also not jazzed about having a crate on display for an indeterminate number of months.

    28. And a doggie-bedecked canister you can pace alongside your own cookie jar because everyone in your household deserves a daily treat.

    the blue dog-print canister which has a bamboo lid

    When you step back to admire your interior design work:

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