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    40 Cheap Things That'll Bring You Nothing But Sweet, Sweet Relief

    Ingenious anti-chafe formulas 🏃‍♀️, lifesaving sweat-blocking wipes 💦, tiny toenail braces 🦶, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An acupressure wristband if you're looking for an all-natural way to alleviate nausea, motion sickness, or morning sickness because feeling like you have to hurl 24/7 is a major downer.

    reviewer wearing the anti-nausea wristband in pink

    2. A bottle of organic, cold-pressed castor oil with loads of fatty acids that'll nourish and hydrate your scalp thus encouraging healthy hair growth. For the best results, use it as a hair mask while you watch the new season of Survivor. (AKA use it for an hour at a time.)

    3. A natural detangling spray made for ~all~ types of hair because no one should spend any precious before-work time fighting with knotty locks!

    4. A roll-on aromatherapy stick that effectively relieves pain from tension headaches and migraines with a mix of peppermint, spearmint, lavender, and coconut oils. Be skeptical all you want, but more than 13,000 5-star reviewers say it helped eliminate severe discomfort and even side effects including nausea!

    5. A tube of BioFreeze with a cooling menthol formula that works wonders on all sorts of pain from sore muscles and backaches to achey joints and arthritis. Whether your body is recovering from a day at the gym or a day of couch aerobics (reaching for your remote and takeout and whatnot), it's a no-brainer.

    the green bottle of pain relieving gel

    6. A bottle of Burt's Bees after-sun lotion if you're prone to burns even when it's only 60 degrees and cloudy out. The aloe and coconut oil formula soothes and moisturizes to calm inflamed skin.

    reviewer photo showing severe sunburn with tan lines and after photo showing sunburn noticeably reduced and tan lines fading

    7. A Sheex x Brrr° silky sleep mask that cools your noggin and encourages quality sleep with what the brand calls the Triple Chill Effect — a quick-drying, sweat-wicking, mineral-infused fabric that blocks out light and even helps relieve tension headaches.

    a model wearing the mask in mist gray

    8. A set of foam earplugs sure to block out whatever nighttime noises plague you, be it honking traffic, boisterous neighbors, or your partner's snoring.

    9. A bottle of Teddie Organics rose water toner spray with an anti-inflammatory formula that can calm an array of skin irritations from gnarly sunburns to pesky razor burns.

    10. A pack of extra-thick hair ties made for those with luscious locks that refuse to be contained! The no-slip ponytails are guaranteed to maintain their elasticity and won't snag so you don't have to worry about headaches or pulling out chunks of hair, either.

    model on a run at the beach with an extra-thick hair tie in their hair

    11. A tube of Benadryl anti-itch gel because you spent one — yes, ONE — night outside enjoying a bonfire and s'mores and now you have 33 bug bites to show for it.

    a reviewer holding the bottle of anti-itch gel

    12. Or, a bug bite suction tool because it's this or scratching at it until it bleeds, and that is not the way, my friends.

    13. A set of squishy eggs you can squeeze with all of your might when you're having one of those days when EVERYTHING annoys you. Ofc they also help alleviate joint pain but that seems like a secondary benefit, no?

    reviewer photo showing a yellow, red, and blue squishy egg

    14. A peppermint foot spray designed to eliminate the special funk that emanates from that pair of Converse you've had since middle school. Spray the essential-oil mix into your shoes and even right on your feet for extra deodorizing power.

    black bottle of peppermint foot spray next to its packaging

    15. An affordable electric toothbrush that'll give you a straight-from-the-dentist clean by removing plaque along your gumline so you don't have to schedule any extra appointments down the line.

    16. A trusty stick of Megababe's Thigh Rescue because enjoying the breeze for a few hours in a pair of shorts or a skirt — or even just a 30-minute ride on your Peleton, like the reviewer mentions below — shouldn't result in a days-long angry red rash.

    the anti-friction stick which is the size and shape of a deordant

    17. Or a pair of Bandelettes if just the ~thought~ of wearing a skirt or dress without any shorts causes your thighs to sweat and break out in a rash.

    18. A Squatty Potty designed to unkink your colon and help ya go, you know? In its seven-plus years of existence, the product has racked up more than 33K 5-star reviews from pleased poopers.

    19. A Noto face and neck serum with a laundry list of nutrient-dense natural ingredients including marula, rosehip seed, and wild carrot. Together they not only hydrate and nourish skin, but also encourage acne to heal via cell rejuvenation.

    The 2-ounce bottle of serum which has a dropper

    20. A reusable ice pack that can be refrozen ~thousands~ of times and slapped on anywhere you're experiencing aches and pains.

    the reusable ice pack which comes in a protective case

    21. A pack of clinical-strength SweatBlock wipes capable of stopping hyperhidrosis, nervous sweating, and hormonal sweating right in its tracks. Give your pits a good swipe down before bed and you *won't* wake up in a puddle of your own perspiration!

    hand holding a package of Sweat Block wipes

    22. A pair of compression socks that — while not the most fashion-forward garment — will help with circulation so you can comfortably complete that international flight or half-marathon that's been looming on your calendar.

    23. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses that'll protect your peepers during eight-hour work days. Ofc they'll also have your coworkers tripping over themselves to comment on how freaking cute they are.

    24. A pair of silicone earbud tips sure to give your AirPods the snuggest, most comfortable fit so you can stop fretting over losing them 24/7.

    model wearing AirPods in their ears with the covers on them

    25. A jar of O'Keeffe's hand cream ready to swoop in and save your mitts after 20+ Purell applications. Keeping 'em clean is of the utmost importance, but if you already suffer from dry skin, hand sanitizer probs has you in a world of hurt.

    26. A pack of oil-absorbing tissues you can use in between Zoom meetings to erase any excess oil that's made itself at home on/around your T-zone.

    reviewer photo showing one of the tissues after wiping their face, revealing the tissues removed lots of oil and grime

    27. A nonslip mouse pad made to elevate your wrists and keep 'em in an ergonomic position while you click and clack away at a keyboard responding to work emails and — more importantly — sending memes to your friends on Slack.

    28. A set of five soft silicone eyeglass sleeves so your frames don't pinch your temples while you're deep in concentration mode (aka playing Fruit Ninja like it's still 2010).

    person wearing glasses with the silicone sleeves on the back of their glasses, keeping the frames in place comfortably on their ear

    29. A foot file if you're sick of your cracked heels catching on your sheets while you try to fall asleep. Just typing that makes me cringeeeee.

    30. A pack of pimple patches ready to speedily pull the pus out of your most worrisome whiteheads. (Sorry that was a gross sentence, but it is what it is. 🤷‍♀️) Before you head to bed, just slap the dots right on any zits and they'll work their magic overnight.

    31. A pot of Hard as Hoof strengthening cream so something as simple as removing a sticker from your latest TJ Maxx find doesn't leave you with cracked nails.

    32. A pack of four toe separators to help eliminate pain caused by bunions. The silicone aligners are so comfortable, they can even be worn with shoes.

    33. A physician-designed earwax remover if you've sworn off Q-tips ever since watching *that* episode of Girls but you still need something just as satisfying.

    34. An anti-fog spray guaranteed to bring glasses wearers to tears. Spray it on your lenses, give them a quick wipe, and experience the sorcery that is wearing a mask and still being able to see.

    35. A reusable heating pad you can pop in the microwave and then place around your neck (or really anywhere) for long-lasting heat.

    Six of the patterned heaters

    36. An itsy-bitsy toenail brace if you regularly deal with ingrown toenails and are *so* over trips to the doc just to be told you need antibiotics. Apply this lil' guy and not only will it eliminate painful pressure within just a few days, but it'll completely straighten out your nail in a month or less!

    37. A seat cushion because despite the junk in your trunk, sitting from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is taking a serious toll on your tailbone. Give your tush some relief with this thiccc memory foam cushion.

    38. A bottle of plant-based cuticle oil if your nails have been hurting from months of missed manicures. The natural formula hydrates dry skin and strengthens your nails so you can work on growing them out, if that's something you've always dreamt of doing!

    39. A memory foam footrest with a teardrop design that keeps your feet and legs in a comfy, ergonomic position. If you switch things up and work between a desk and your couch or bed, you can also use it as a knee cushion or back rest.

    The foot rest in the triangle pattern

    40. A tube of Lanolips to deeeeeeeply hydrate dry and chapped skin without any petroleum, parabens, or artificial fragrances. Slap the all-natural formula on your lips, cuticles, dry patches, and even weenus (I can't help myself) for a lasting blast of moisture.

    Natalie showing before and after of chapped lips before using the treatment and after with smooth lips

    The very first time you manage to leave your bug bite alone and *not* scratch it till it bleeds profusely:

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