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    Travis Scott Just Responded To Claims That He's Been Hanging Out With His Ex While Dating Kylie Jenner

    The rumors were sparked by a video shared online by his rumored ex Rojean Kar.

    Travis Scott just reacted to rumors that he's been hanging out with another woman during his relationship with Kylie Jenner.

    Travis wearing a backward baseball cap

    You probably saw that the rumors were sparked by a video shared online this week by his rumored ex Rojean Kar, where she could be seen on the set of some project, with Travis in the background. "I'm directing obvi," she captioned the image.

    Travis on a platform onstage

    There have long been rumors that Travis and Rojean have had an ongoing relationship. Some had even speculated that she was the cause of his breakup with Kylie in 2019, which she denied.

    Close-up of Kylie

    But in his latest statement, Travis said he actually doesn't know her at all.

    Close-up of Kylie and Travis

    "A lot of weird shit going on," he wrote on his Instagram story. "An uninvited person was sneaking photos on what was supposed to be a closed set while I was directing a video."

    Travis and Kylie with their daughter Stormi

    He added, "I'm saying this for the last time. I don't know this person. I've never been with this person. So please stop with the continuous cyber games and the fictional storytelling."

    Screenshot of Travis's IG story

    Ro then posted a video in response, disputing his claims. “So what we’re not going to do is, we’re not going to lie on me because I’ve been good,” she said. “I posted whatever fucking story you guys wanted me to post. I pretended I didn’t know you when I went along with whatever fucking narrative you guys wanted to, no matter how much bullshit I got from it. But to say you don’t know me and you’ve never been with me, when you’ve definitely been with me … when I have pictures and videos of you with me. Come on.”

    Travis holding a microphone

    She added, “Or like even fucking this Valentine’s Day, I saw you and I ran out the door, and you had every single girl I know blowing me up like, ‘Trav’s asking for you. Come back.' Are we pretending that didn’t happen too?”

    Travis performing onstage

    Travis then responded by sharing a photo from his Valentine's Day celebration this year at what appears to be Kylie's house, writing, "If u wasn't at this table on V day then u wasn't with me" — with a bunch of eye-roll emojis.

    Screenshot of Travis's IG story

    Well, then!