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Travis Scott

Here's How To Protect Yourself In A Crowd Crush

“People want to be first or to get the best spot or to be the first to secure an item at a Black Friday sale — regardless if they have to knock over a grandma to get the item,” one crowd management expert told BuzzFeed News.

Travis Scott’s Rumored Ex, Yungsweetro, Accused Him Of Lying And Cheating On Kylie Jenner In A Series Of Scathing Videos. Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

After Travis and Yungsweetro went back and forth online, a now-viral TikTok series analyzing potential signs that the two were romantically involved prior to — and during — his relationship with Kylie has massively divided internet users.

Kourtney Kardashian Shut Down Rumors That Mason Disick Is On Instagram After An “Ultra Creepy” Account Posing As Him Claimed That Kylie Jenner Is Getting Married

The fake account claimed that Kylie was celebrating her bridal shower after she posted a TikTok on a night out with her sisters and best friends — all of whom were dressed in black — while she wore a stunning white gown.

Kanye West Dragging Billie Eilish Has Sparked A Debate About Misogyny And His Treatment Of Young Women In The Music Industry After People Drew Comparisons With His Infamous Feud With Taylor Swift

Ye is being called “entitled” and “misogynistic” after fans noticed several similarities between his recent public diss toward Billie, and his treatment of Taylor Swift since their feud began in 2009.

Travis Scott Has Been Accused Of Being “Incredibly Offensive” Toward The Families Of Astroworld’s Victims After He Liked Kanye West’s Instagram Post Demanding An Apology From Billie Eilish

Travis has been keeping a relatively low profile since 10 people died during his Astroworld performance in November, but his social media activity has been branded “incredibly offensive” toward victims’ families.

Travis Scott Fans Seemingly Faked Over 60,000 Signatures On A Petition For Him To Be Allowed To Perform At Coachella After He Was Removed From The Lineup Following The Astroworld Tragedy

"The petition was found to contain fraudulent signatures, which were removed ... Our team discovered that the petition had produced several fraudulent attempts, which forced a complete removal of the petition," a representative for informed BuzzFeed News.

Travis Scott Was Pictured Golfing With Mark Wahlberg And Michael Jordan In His First Public Outing Since The Astroworld Tragedy, Days After Two Security Guards Filed New Lawsuits Against Him, Bringing The Total To Over $2.75B

The appearance led to criticism from fans who accused him of acting "like nothing had happened" and called on him to "explain his behavior" in video footage from the festival.

Kylie Jenner And Kendall Jenner’s Fashion Brand Shared A Promotional Video In The Wake Of The Astroworld Tragedy Days After They Received Backlash For Their “Tone Deaf” Responses To The Fatalities

The Jenners’ new promotional video also comes a week after Kendall received harsh criticism and was labeled “tone deaf” for posting a series of photos of herself on the cover of Vogue Germany days after the tragedy.

A Sponsored Disaster Is A Sponsor Disaster

In this week's newsletter: How the Travis Scott x BetterHelp partnership could have better served those in need of therapy, instead of it reading like a big promotional opportunity. (And how fun some influencers made the NYC marathon!)

Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, And Drake Broke Their Silence On The Astroworld Tragedy That Killed 8 People Hours After Travis Scott Was Flooded With Lawsuits For "Encouragement Of Violence" From Injured Fans

Drake spoke out after receiving criticism for leaving images of himself performing at the event live on Instagram even after news of the fatalities broke and being named in one of the lawsuits for “helping incite the crowd.”

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