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A Photographer Explained The Lighting On A New Kate Middleton Photo After It Sparked Speculation

It doesn't stop.

Kate Middleton admitted to editing one little pic of herself. Now, fans are questioning them all.

Kate Middleton in a blazer, speaking and gesturing during an engagement

You probably saw — on Sunday, she had a huge Photoshop fail with the picture she shared of her and her kids for Mother's Day in the UK. Experts found that it had at least 16 editing mistakes, and various photo agencies pulled it amid concerns over its authenticity.

prince william and kate with their 3 kids posing in front of a doorway

Ultimately, Kate apologized for the blunder, but it only intensified the speculation about her and her health and fueled further conspiracy theories.

Kate Middleton in a sweater with a small pin

On Monday, she was seen riding in a car with Prince William, but fans speculated that the photo was also manipulated. As E! News notes, some noticed alleged inconsistencies with the bricks in the background. Some also pointed out that her hair looked oddly similar to a style she wore out in 2016 at an event marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

Me trying to get someone—ANYONE—in my family to care about this Kate Middleton story.

Apparently missing moles and different bricks mean nothing to them?! 😂 pic.twitter.com/JXcpbHu6Vv

— Lindsey Babuder 🐊📚 (@LBabuder) March 13, 2024
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However, the agency responsible for the pics, Goff Photos, has defended their authenticity.

Kate Middleton in a sweater top and dark pants, walking with Prince William, viewed from behind

Speaking to E! News, they said the pics "have been cropped and lightened" but insisted that "nothing has been doctored."

Prince William and family in formal attire at an evening event, holding programs

"We don't change our photos in Photoshop other than adjusting the light levels if necessary," photographer Jim Bennett added to People. "Car shots are unpredictable at the best of times, and with some reflection on the glass, it can be difficult."

Mhm, okay! Kate, come to the front, please!