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    Kim Kardashian Appeared To Pay Tribute To Steve Harwell, And People Don't Like Her Post

    “Kim, there’s people that are dying — literally."

    Kim Kardashian is facing backlash over her apparent tribute to Steve Harwell.

    A closeup of Kim Kardashian wearing sunglasses and holding a drink

    The former Smash Mouth singer died Monday of acute liver failure, his manager, Robert Hayes, said in a statement. He was 56.

    Steve Harwell onstage

    Following the news of Steve's passing, Kim went on Instagram and shared a pic wearing a gold bikini. She captioned the photo, “All that glitters is gold,” seeming to reference lyrics from Smash Mouth's hit 1999 song "All Star."

    People just thought it was a weird way to pay tribute to someone.

    A closeup of Kim Kardashian in oversized sunglasses

    One person said Kim only wanted to post her thirst trap.

    "Someone dies and you use their lyrics to post a thirst trap"

    “Kim, there’s people that are dying- literally,” read one comment.

    “Kim, there’s people that are dying- literally"

    Another person sarcastically called it "the Steve Harwell (Smash Mouth) dedication post we have been waiting for."

    "The Steve Harwell (smash mouth) dedication post we have been waiting for"

    Others said it was kind of a nice gesture...

    Nice Smash Mouth reference
    "love ur caption kim"

    ... But the overall majority, it seems, were not fans of the post.

    Closeup of Kim Kardashian

    It's not the first time a celebrity has faced backlash for a tribute, either.

    Closeup of Kim Kardashian

    You might remember: Demi Lovato faced criticism back in May for what they posted after Tina Turner's death.

    A closeup of Demi Lovato sitting in front of a microphone during an interview

    She shared this pic in a Tina Turner shirt, along with the caption, "RIP Tina."

    @demilovato / Twitter: @TennesseeTwunk

    Rapper GoldLink also faced backlash for his post about Mac Miller's death — which occurred five years ago to the day — where he spoke about the breakdown of their relationship before Mac's passing.

    GoldLink onstage

    What are your thoughts on Kim's post? Tell me down below!