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    Julia Fox Looks Like A New Person After Bleaching Her Hair And Brows

    I know it's Julia, but, like, it's not. But it is.

    One thing about Julia Fox: she's always gonna give you a unique beauty look.

    closeup of her wearing black lipstick

    Whether she's powdering her face...

    closeup of her

    ...rocking a bold and unconventional hair color...

    closeup of her with silver hair

    ...or wearing that exaggerated winged eyeliner.

    her eyelids covered in black liner

    Most recently, she went for a completely bleached look — debuting platinum blonde hair and matching brows on Instagram.

    closeup of her with horns on her forehead

    The Uncut Gems actor shared a photo to her grid this week that, at first glance, I honestly didn't even realize was of her. She had a wet and wavy look in it, with her hair parted on the side. Julia paired the look with a black tank, silver earrings, and glittery pink lip gloss.

    closeup of her with bleached hair

    "Shades," she captioned the post.

    closeup of her previously with brown hair in a silver dress

    Julia also included some other pics of her with different hair in the post, but idk, y'all...I think this one might be the winner! You can see her full post for yourself here.