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27 Dogs Who Prove They Can Be Huge Jerks


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1. This dog who just won't let his human have the spotlight.

2. This dog who overreacted to his friend wanting to be left alone.

3. This dog who always adds insult to injury.

4. This very disrespectful pug.

5. This overzealous opportunist.

6. This dog who refuses to admit the child is his.

7. This pair who REALLY don't want this baby to learn to walk.

8. This little turd who just couldn't stop, wouldn't stop.

9. This dog who encouraged the cat to torment the bird on this faulty wall hanging.

10. The dingus who did this.

(Probably this guy).

11. This dog who has absolutely no regard for his cat's worst fear.

12. These guys who just wanted to remind some humans who's boss.

13. This dog who just wants to make his mark on the world.

14. This guy who really knows how to squash the competition.

15. The worst kind of criminal.

16. For real, this is the rudest thing I've seen all day.

17. This pug who couldn't get up the slide and wanted to take everyone down with him.


19. This sneak who waited for the perfect moment to defame his human's favorite pillow.

20. This dirtbag.

21. This lady who has been avoiding her bills at all costs.

22. This little pup who is downright awful at sharing.

23. And this dog who just wants everyone to know he is, and always will be, better than a baby human.

24. This delight who couldn't give a shit about your "rules."


26. And this dog who doesn't bother with verbal comebacks.

27. And finally, this dog who crashed this wedding and insisted on being in all the professional photographs.

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