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21 Creative Vines That Will Immediately Inspire You

Y'all better step up your vine game, 'cause Alicia Herber knows what's up.

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Alicia Herber is an Austin, TX based artist who creates some kick ass stop motion vines.

1. Some are just plain cool...

2. ...while most are both cool and hilarious.

3. Her combination of skill and wit is actually super impressive:

4. I mean...

5. And check out this Dolly Parton drawing she so willingly destroys because she probably can just do it again.

6. Perhaps most importantly: she is wiling to SACRIFICE for her ART.

7. Check out this surfborting Mr. Feeny...

8. ...and time travelin' Ramen!

9. There's actually a bit of time travelin'!

10. And this Taco Bell hatin' Judge Judy.

11. This Caged Surprise...

12. ...and this National Treasure.

13. Who wouldn't want an E.T. thumb?

14. Or a Cayenne Kanye?

15. And a fly Bill Nye.

16. She plays into our need for cute...

17. ...

18. well as our GREATEST FEARS.

19. She even got her cats involved:

20. Basically, she just makes me want to do this:

21. But mostly this:

Check out and follow more of Alicia's work here.

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